Can we cut AOA’s Jimin some slack? She really isn’t my cuppa, but I am so tired of everyone hating on her for being an idol rapper.

What recently pissed me off the most was someone shaming her for having only learnt how to rap at FNC and then saying how she’s putting everything Bobby worked for to shame…

Guys, Bobby himself admitted to having learned most things he knows from YG… He wasn’t born a rap prodigy either.

And Show me the money 3 was just as scripted as Unpretty Rapstar, if not even more so.

So calm down and find something else to hate on. Seriously…

I don’t drink coffee but I think about it a lot because I find it super strange how such a huge chunk of the adult population is cool with being dependant on it.

Like it would fit so well into a future dystopia. Shit collapses but the wealthy populations stay “safe” - strict population control and surveillance slips in under the guise of “freedom” (as it’s currently trying to do - hello bill C-51). And what easier way to control a bunch of dinguses than by gradually making their favourite cuppa more addictive. Wouldn’t even have to be overt, just a touch of something a little more addictive than caffeine in each cup. Or maybe a jacked up form of caffeine - like, nothing out of the ordinary as far as the FDA is concerned.

So a low-impact addiction quietly slides up to a high-impact addiction, and the repercussions of withdrawal are now on par with heroin. Suddenly everyone REALLY FUCKING NEEDS their coffee. Oh but what if there’s only this one place that sells it now (a long-trusted brand, of course). And what if you have to register your info or swear away a few pesky rights before you get a membership. All voluntarily, of course. Like, you could always choose NOT to drink coffee. But you could also just shrug off those annoying rights and feel super great all the time. Oopsie daisy, they gotcha!

I probably think about the dystopian future too much but it’s hard not to because every time I’m at the gym, the TVs are playing flashy commercials (they’re all set to American channels, of course. In a Canadian university) about how great the oil and gas industry is while the earth is dying right before our eyes and tbh the glaring contradictions between what we can see and what we’re being asked to believe makes it feel like we’re living in a Paul Verhoeven movie.


You were tired.
so you let the sleep in.
Let it consume you.
I understand,
you were tired.

Your smile-
always eager to greet me;
always accompanied by a light
in your eyes that could fill the room- came more frequently
toward the end.
A fresh hello multiple times
within moments.

I’ve been tired too.
I know what it’s like
to want to let yourself go.
to fight it
for the people you love.
There is nothing to forgive.

Your smile
always stunning
always warm
always perfectly accenting the Brit’ wit in you.
Your fragile hand
held mine
never wanting to let go

Something tells me
this is not one of those things
a shower and a nice hot cuppa
can’t fix

I am tired
but I will surely keep trying
to get the chill out.

With love, forever.

A Red Letter Day

This is, indeed, a day to remember. This evening, guitarist, Sean Shibe will christen the newly re-opened Cocktail Bar cabaret room with the second in our BBT Wednesdays series of concerts by exceptional young musicians. Here he is, enjoying a fortifying pre-performance cuppa:

If you haven’t booked already for this auspicious recital, you’re too late because it’s sold out but there are three more coming up between now and June, as well as other special events taking place in the Cocktail Bar so check out what’s on for a chance to enjoy a show in this intimate space.

Rebecca is stocking up the bar ready for tonight’s audience:

Those all-important finishing touches are in place:

In a couple of hours, these seats will be occupied and the atmosphere here on the mezzanine will be convivial once more:

Over the road, we’re getting ready to move our bits & bobs back into the offices. Some of us have rather more bits & bobs than others, eg:


and some of our bits & bobs are more unusual than others.

Mentioning no names. David.

Some of us competitively insisted on being first to move our bits & bobs from Ensign Street to Graces Alley

Again, mentioning no names.

Tomorrow, we’re being connected up by the IT experts so we should be fully functional by the end of the day. It’s so good to be going home again. The only members of the team who are staying over at Ensign Street for a little while longer are Gabrielle and her archive volunteers. They’re in the midst of re-packaging the contents of our archive and have their work station set up as they need so it makes sense for them to carry on until they reach a natural break before moving to join the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Tim’s been hanging around today

In a constructive way, obviously.

anonymous asked:

"Wubwubs and beepboops sound so much more fun too! And it's far more descriptive than dubstep. Dunno where that word came from, curious to find out." He replied as he listened to the other speak. So that was why his accent was so thick and unusual for him to hear. He couldn't remember the last time he had heard a Scotsman. "Fffff... fwaaaaa," he began, "You've got one hell of a name there, mister. I'll keep trying though! Just forgive me if I get it wrong.. a lot."

"How about we cut ‘er easy! Just Fa will do, plain Jane, short ‘n sweet. Maybe intricate names aren’t yer cuppa joe, so I s’pose it don’t much matter." Faolán bring out a genuine grin, eyes crinkling at the corners as he shifts his lanky form to one hip.

"How ‘bout ye? Got a name? No use hidin’, we’re gonna be comrades."

I won’t be liveblogging Cinderella. I’m not a big fan of the movie because it drags heavily for me. It ain’t my cuppa.


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