tbh, i don’t think valentine would take cupid’s leaving monster high so readily.

he’d haunt the shit outta ever after high. he’s an immortal vampire; i’m sure he’d find a way, with mirrors or something. and dracula did control fogs, wolves, and was overall a really creepy vampire. i’m sure valentine could have the same type of abilities. and cupid knows exactly who it is, and has to find the exact right moment to catch him.

valentine doesn’t want to admit that he misses her, sincerely feels for her, and he completely blunders at his explanations. cupid finally understands, and while she’s disappointed him, she lays it straight he can’t do this kind of thing to get her attention.

surprisingly, he manages to get his act straight. he sends gifs, flowers, and they have awkwardly adorable mirror chats.

but uh, her friends do get concerned when they discover she leaves the school’s grounds after curfew. they go on romantic getaways. it’s awesome.

anonymous said:


  • 5 Favorite Characters: Jackson/Holt, Abbey, Draculaura, Cleo, & Twyla
  • 3 Favorite Ships: Habbey, Clawdulaura, & Cleuce (BONUS CRACK SHIP: Cupitine)
  • Funniest Character: Abbey
  • Prettiest Character: They’re all gore-geous!
  • Most Bad-Ass Character: Abbey or Operetta
  • Character I’d Like as My BFF: Twyla
  • Character That’s Ruined My Life: Jackson

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