Apple Modifying Arena for iPhone 6 Event

Apple Modifying Arena for iPhone 6 Event

Apple Constructing New Building Prior to September Event

Apple sponsored construction has been secretly going on the campus of Flint Center located in Cupertino California. The modified building is scheduled to premier Apple’s new iPhone 6 event scheduled for September 9th. This construction has added a new wing to the center and built specifically for Apple’s new iPhone event. This campus has…

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Steve Jobs in Apple’s Campus 2 presentation video (2013)


Flea Market Finds

Stopped by the DeAnza Flea Market in Cupertino, CA and saw this cool pair of speakers that screams mid-century modern design. Turns out it is part of a complete stereo system called “Circle of Sound Stereo” by Zenith from 1965. - Via


Day 27 of our awesomely awesome yoga challenge is #mantra -

And I have been thinking about this *all* day - and most of yesterday.    I don’t really have a traditional mantra I tell myself during practice or at all.    During my practice, I try to void my mind of all thoughts and words.  I try to focus on the present moment and use my practice as a moving meditation.    So, again, I’ve been thinking how to interpret today’s word - mantra - and I was thinking of sharing a quote from Steve Jobs.    

Right after he passed, I was able to visit the memorial at 1 Infinite Loop almost every day.   It grew and grew and grew.      This is a pic from a piece someone made at the memorial.     I like many of his deep/inspirational quotes - but this one really speaks to me and I’ve absorbed it into my life.  

Share with us your #mantra to the #yogapartypeople - with your hosts yogawithkarel, yogarian, sunny-yogi, healthyhappymotivation, and me!

Winchester House: San Jose, California

The Winchester House in San Jose began being built in 1884 by the heiress of the Winchester Rifle Company. She was very superstitious and believed that if she stopped building onto the house all the souls killed by the Winchester rifles would come back and haunt her. So construction remained constant at the house and eventually weird things were created such as stairways to nowhere, doors from the second story leading outside with nowhere to go (see photo), and cabinets with no cabinet space.

The tour is expensive but worth it for the oddity at least one time around. 


Dan Izakaya - Lunch!

Is there a restaurant you always visit when you’re in a certain area?  Whenever I go home, I always make sure to make a stop at Dan Izakaya for a solid Japanese meal.  I’ve blogged about the Asari Ramen before, but Dan also has a ton of yummy rice bowls!  I had the Uni and Ikura bowl; the creamy uni and salty ikura were a real treat!


Dan Izakaya Restaurant
1306 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
Neighborhood: West San Jose