Steve Jobs in Apple’s Campus 2 presentation video (2013)


Flea Market Finds

Stopped by the DeAnza Flea Market in Cupertino, CA and saw this cool pair of speakers that screams mid-century modern design. Turns out it is part of a complete stereo system called “Circle of Sound Stereo” by Zenith from 1965. - Via


Ike’s Lair (Cupertino, CA) - My mom got the Nacho Boy: Avocado, Mushrooms, Roast Beef, Swiss with Dirty Sauce on Dutch Crunch. She said it was alright, except for the fact that there was too much avocado and not enough meat. She couldn’t really taste the roast beef as a result. I have yet to try it for myself to confirm this assessment. 

On another note, I learned that you don’t always get the free food you signed up for. >:( Only Ike’s and Krispy Kreme came through - I don’t know what happened to Sprinkles, Baskin Robbins, or Starbucks. Rude. 

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Ike’s Lair (Cupertino, CA) - I am a big Ike’s fan - so much so that it was one of the things I requested to eat right after my heart transplant! I took upon myself to find out what free things I could get on my birthday - specifically food items. One of the things I found was that if you sign up for Ike’s e-mail list, you can get a free sandwich on your birthday once you print out the e-mail. 

However, I never got mine in my inbox all day. Twelve hours went by. But, I still decided to go get my sandwich, mostly because I was looking forward to it all week, and my mom decided she would treat me if they wouldn’t honor it (lol). 

I got there, and I asked if it was still possible, with my ID in hand if they needed proof. At first, they weren’t going to honor it, but eventually the manager conceded and let me get a free sandwich! Thank you so much Ike’s Cupertino. <3 You made a really dumb person happy lol. I don’t know if they’ll do that for every time for every person, so I would sign up and hopefully you’ll get the e-mail unlike me! 

I usually get the Ménage à trois, but I decided to try something a little different. I got the We’re JUST Friends: Avocado, Halal Chicken, Pepper Jack, Sweet Orange Glaze along with the Dirty Sauce, all of this on Dutch Crunch. I really liked the sandwich! The orange glaze really gave the sandwich the flavor and I also felt some of the heat from the pepper jack. It was a delicious, slightly messy, sandwich, but I think that’s kind of the litmus test for sandwiches - It should go everywhere; otherwise there’s not enough in it! 

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Dan Izakaya - Lunch!

Is there a restaurant you always visit when you’re in a certain area?  Whenever I go home, I always make sure to make a stop at Dan Izakaya for a solid Japanese meal.  I’ve blogged about the Asari Ramen before, but Dan also has a ton of yummy rice bowls!  I had the Uni and Ikura bowl; the creamy uni and salty ikura were a real treat!


Dan Izakaya Restaurant
1306 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
Neighborhood: West San Jose