hi im an 18 year old trans guy named ty and this morning my family made it clear that they dont want me living with them any longer. its at the point where they are jeopardizing my work and wellbeing so i need to find a room or even just a couch to sleep on asap. 

i cannot drive and am currently attending de anza college, but that might change soon since im considering dropping for a quarter or two so i can start up a second job. i am reliant on the buses to get to work (which is by de anza college) so somewhere by downtown sj or near cupertino would be ideal at the moment. 

i can pay up to $500 a month in rent, and if needed i can also help with utilities and food. pls message me if you or someone you know can help out!

contact at —> or my tumblr (miizusei)


Dan Izakaya - Lunch!

Is there a restaurant you always visit when you’re in a certain area?  Whenever I go home, I always make sure to make a stop at Dan Izakaya for a solid Japanese meal.  I’ve blogged about the Asari Ramen before, but Dan also has a ton of yummy rice bowls!  I had the Uni and Ikura bowl; the creamy uni and salty ikura were a real treat!


Dan Izakaya Restaurant
1306 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
Neighborhood: West San Jose


Apple Campus 2 April Update in 4k