A list of A+ insults

if u R ever in an argument use these insults and u will make the other person cry bc there R so good

  • half eaten sandwich
  • useless fungal infection
  • literal turd burger
  • Netflix® buffer
  • 2003 fergie
  • 5th president James Monroe
  • half chewed pencil
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • absolute white crayon
  • quiet meme thief
  • TI-84 plus Silver Edition™ Calculator by Texas Instruments®
  • diarrhea apocalypse
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this is honestly the smoothest thing ever

Mmmm cupcakes! I’m Byron and I’m 16.
I’d like to be in this network cause i luff cupcakes, they’re the best things you can eat really.. so I’m in 2 networks now but this network I think is deliciously attempting!

So when i was 7 I was riding in the car with my mom, and we were on the way home from my aunts house. It was really late so all I wanted to do was sleep; so naturally me, being the little shit i am, decided to lay across the back seat (with no seatbelt on). Well my mom was freaking out and screaming ‘PUT YOUR SEATBELT BACK ON AND SIT DOWN SO YOU DONT GET HURT” and I was like “Why??” and then my mom said “IF WE GET IN AN ACCIDENT I DONT WANT YOU GETTING HURT” and then she ran into a telephone pole and totaled her car. I feel like this is a good representation of the irony that is my entire existence. (btw we were both ok)

i wrote/ am in the process of editing a 6 page paper on rape culture in today’s society for my english class, and i dont want to misrepresent anyone wrong or use incorrect terms and things like that so if you know anything about this topic, or even just want to read it for no reason at all just send me a message! I would really appreciate any type of feed back!