2k Going Strong!

4. JP with TWO (paper) pupcakes

(requested by corginaut)

Ok, so… we went to the pet store this weekend to get corgi cupcakes, but they didn’t have any! So I thought I’d just go to a dog bakery and get some really nice corgi cupcakes, but I never got around to it because I am a bad corgi mom~ so, I owe JP two cupcakes. He wasn’t satisfied with the paper ones.



DIY - Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes 

How cute is this recipe, right?! This is by far one of my favorite dessert recipes, specially to make for the little ones. I recently began a new job as an after school educator for an amazing school in the Bay Area teaching cooking, art, and so much more! This week I needed to come up with a quick and fun recipe to engage a class of 3rd and 4th graders, and of course this one came to mind. 

This recipe is incredibly easy to make and very cost effective when you have a large number of hungry kids ($25). I started by pre-making the cupcakes for the students following the directions on the cake mix box the night before. 


As you can see, I filled up my cupcake trays like you normally would. I then baked them for about 5 minutes, before then placing an ice cream cone directly on top of each cupcake. I found this to be the best method for me. In the past I tried using the ice cream cones as a substitute for the muffins tins, and while the cake mix baked inside the cones, the cones didn’t fluff up like I would have liked them to. So I highly recommend baking them this way. Once the cupcakes were done I cooled them off then packed them up for class. 

On the day of the class, I set out an assortment of different colored frosting, sprinkles, and cherry’s for them to decorate to their liking. Before each student began decorating the cupcake part, they simply removed the muffin foil, and voila, all done! Enjoy! 

XOXO - Drea 

Ps. This makes for a fun activity at a birthday party too!