MIT, courtesy of the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas

The Fashion Photographer and Hyéres Juror Sølve Sundsbø Reflects on His Inspirations

The fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø has always been one to challenge the status quo in creating his oft-otherworldy imagery, combing pre-production tricks (X-rays, smoke effects) with classic techniques, and he expects nothing less from the next generation of talent. 

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Tomorrow is cinco de mayo, the anniversary of the day the mexican army won against the french, do you see USA there? No, then why do gringos celebrate it? Here in Mexico we don’t celebrate it, it isn’t our Independece Day. Gringos say they celebrate the latino inmigrants, but then the rest of the year they demonize them, it’s just a stupid ass excuse to get drunk and mock of the Mexican culture just don’t do it


Turkish sand coffee.

Helga Traxler

Art, Revelers and Fabulous Shoes at the New Whitney’s Opening Party

It might not have been the first event held at the Whitney Museum’s expansive, impressive new Renzo Piano-designed home in the Meatpacking District, overlooking the Hudson River. But the Whitney’s opening party, which doubled as a preview for its inaugural exhibition, “America is Hard to See,” was worth waiting for.

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Question about victim culture documentary

(please answer privately) how would I be able to get involved and share my story in the documentary?

ANSWER: (2 parts)

Part 1:  Being in the Documentary itself.
You would have to email the story to us, if it helps progress the point of the documentary we would contact you about your potential involvement.
(short summary, 3 paragraphs max :)

Part 2:  Supporting the Documentary
IF you want to help get involved help us sell Tshirts, or find investors that want to see an honest documentary about the truth of victim culture in our society beyond academic perception.  <3

First 500 people to buy a “no means no” tshirt from cruelteafree, will get their names or urls mentioned as a special thank you, for your support.

TO show <3 to everyone who shows support for this…

Cruelteafree is going to follow EVERYONE that REBLOGS 
THIS post until Friday, MAY 8th.

Euskara is fun!: “-tu” suffix

Suffix “-tu” is a very useful one because it helps us to create verbs from adjectives. Look how easy it is:

Gorri (red) + tu —– Gorritu (to blush)
Lodi (fat) + tu ——- Loditu (to fatten)
Argal (slim) + tu —- Argaldu (to slim down) [mutation because of the L]
Hurbil (near) + tuHurbildu (to move closer)
Ilun (dark) + tu —— Ilundu (to get dark) [mutation because of the N]
Urrun (far) + tu —– Urrundu (to get away)

It also creates verbs related to some body parts:
- Begira (to the eye) + tu ————- Begiratu (to look)
- Eskura (to the hand) + tu ———– Eskuratu (to give, to provide)
- Ahora (to the mouth) + tu ———– Ahoratu (to ingest)
- Lepora (to the back / neck) + tuLeporatu (to carry, to hold responsible)