[S]omehow in culture, “lowest common denominator” has become a way to describe not what’s unifying but what’s worst, as if we all come together where we are awful and stupid. In fact, when we do all come together in large numbers, it’s usually not where we are awful and stupid, particularly not because we are awful and stupid.

This NPR story by Linda Holmes about coastal snobbery and “the masses” appeals to me not just because the vilification of roughly half the country by the other half is both A) a bad thing and B) a two-way street that each half pretends is one-sided, but because I always thought the best things about our culture were the things we mostly agreed upon.

I will probably end up just repeating what Linda Holmes said in her very smart piece if I type for too long, but to make it clear: The things in America that everyone likes are not Honey Boo Boo and Taylor Swift and whatever-else thing you think is destroying our culture. Those things are actually deeply contentious. Stuff that everybody likes? Prince. Star Wars. Pizza. “Call Me Maybe.” Lost, in its early seasons. Willie Nelson, if you live in Texas. Stuff that is good, in other words. 

The zeitgeist is usually about stuff that is pretty good, but not terribly idiosyncratic. It’s the height of arrogance to argue that things that very specifically appeal to our particular idiosyncrasies are actually the best stuff, and that people who don’t share them are foolish. You love those things more because they speak to a part of you that other people don’t seem to have. That’s the only real difference between what you love and what everybody loves.

Repetition, Adorno and 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance (Haneke).

Repetition, Adorno and 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance (Haneke).

Much has been written about the stark comparisons between the cinema of Michael Haneke and the culture theories of the Frankfurt School of philosophy.  In the 2010 book, A Companion To Michael Haneke, Roy Grundmann devotes a whole essay in the volume to Theodor Adorno and the “aesthetic fragmentation” of several of Haneke’s films whilst various articles and essays spend time drawing comparisons…

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Also known as fractured culture, it describes the ways that American culture has become split up into so very many specific pieces that a group that consumes one type of culture can be completely unaware of what is consumed by another.
—  – My friend Rana Emerson has a post on cultural fragmentation and Dollhouse up on It really is remarkable that pretty much everyone I know loves 30 Rock and Mad Men and Community and Friday Night Lights, and if you combine that with a look at the entertainment press that we read, like The A.V. Club or Vulture or whatever, you really would assume that these are the most important and popular shows there are. So it’s always weird to be reminded that more people actually watch Big Bang Theory, a show I am only dimly aware of, than all of those other shows that are super culturally relevant to people I interact with combined.
Colorful Ladies Kurtis For Summers 2015

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Kalopsia directors have a sole show coming up in Norwich! Details below;


An exhibition by Nina Falk and Adam Robertson

29th May – 22nd June

Monday-Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 10am-6pm

Closed Friday 19th and Saturday 20th June

According to the constructivist learning theory, the individual is taught through fragments of information and thought that create their own body of knowledge.

“A constructivist does not question the reality of existence, but is more interested in its perception. In addition, the constructivist reality is perceived differently by everyone.”

In the exhibition ‘Konstrukt’ we have created a series of work where cultural fragments are fused to create narratives that challenge our collective assumptions and aspirations which offers alternative realities and uninhibited probabilities. This will later come to question the idea of how representation dwells in reality. Everything that exists is based on something else. Meaning can never be mastered. No critical statement can be seen as final. No word or image stands on its own.

Some forms in these works  are recognisable, clearly began with a photograph or such, that became distorted under many transformations. We manipulate reality and information using a range of different materials and techniques to discover the different emotional effects of colour and form to subtly weaving complex artistic references through our work.