favorite things about the cullen romance:

  • how he quickly shuts the door behind some of his troops in a frantic attempt to let you both have the tower to yourselves
  • how he takes you to his childhood town and is oh-so careful about it
  • leather gloves
  • how meticulously he picks his words, trying to make them right
  • who doesn’t want to kiss a man in uniform
  • (that they actually address his lyrium addiction praise be)
  • when you knock something off of his desk and when you go to apologize he throws every priority off of his desk in one sweep so the only thing on it will be you and him. nothing else.
  • he throws everything off his desk
  • he throws eveRYTHING OFF HIS DESK

Cullen’s name reminds me of different things.

1. A Jane Austen character

Meet the dashing and handsome Earl Cullen Stanton Rutherford of Honnleath, who is stern and proud and a bit awkward and has yet to marry. His shyness could be easily interpreted as arrogance and he may has to learn the ways of the heart. People whisper about a dark secret in his past.

2. A Royal Navy officer in the 18th century

Meet Lieutenant Cullen Stanton Rutherford. Born in the small village of Honnleath to a commoner, he rose through the ranks of the navy and made himself a name while catching pirates. He’s very responsible and his men adore him, even if he’s a bit stern and prone to mood swings. Even more so since meeting the dashing outlaw Lavellan. She stole his purse and his heart.

3. The hero of a romance novel

Meet Lord Cullen Stanton Rutherford, the mysterious and lonely noble, that hides his emotions and more scars than the ones on his body. He sits around in his mansion and broods all day until he entcounters the youngest sibling of the famous and poor Trevelyan family, who is very pretty, but such a rebel in the ranks of nobility. Can she melt his icy heart?