Yesterday morning at the Fanboy Expo Con.  I will most likely miss him today since he isn’t a morning person (so I learned from my experience yesterday) but at least I got to see him three times. =)

Representing us Cullenites and trying to make ya’ll proud.  Especially since I am the FIRST and ONLY Cullenite he has ever met to date.

Why Cullen? Why Making Him Military Advisor Actually Makes A Truckload Of Sense

Right; Cullen as the Military Advisor. Seeing houseofgriffons post about this has made me sit down and actually write this thing, which is something I’ve wanted to cover for a pretty long time actually.

See, the thing is Cullen’s tactical experience (or lack of it) isn’t actually that important. Yes, I know he’s being hired as a general, but let me clarify; his experience (or lack of it) isn’t why Cassandra recruited him. She recruited him because of his qualities as a leader.

This is gonna be pretty long so I’ll stick the rest under the cut.

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Cheap, Idle Wine

"I have to be protective."

The safest way to show I miss you
is by buying your favorite ice cream
that I don’t care for. You’re not here
and this Riesling has instigated too much. The ice cream is alright
but it’s trivial because
I secretly think I may like it.
It’s not what I desire waiting at home.
I thought we’d do that for one another.

The ice cream and guilt;
I eat it with chocolate, confusion, or lonely with long Harryhausen films.
“You have to be attentive.”
I have to before the ice and broccoli
become too old sitting next to a reminder.
Soon the peas will again recite
“What is last year’s snow to me,
Last year’s anything?”
And most of us don’t like peas
so it’s excusable and cute.

I so achingly want to come home to
you and leave the world at the door;
as young lovers have laid
plighting troth beneath love’s snow.
“What is last year’s snow to me,
Last year’s anything?”
I’m holding on to the existence of
this ice cream and always having it.
It always feels nice to have something
of you waiting at home.
No matter how cold and brief;
no matter how much or little it is of you.