DIY Stamped Leather Cuff Tutorial from Alisa Burke. This is a really easy DIY and when I clicked on the leather cuff link I was pleasantly surprised to see that these leather wristbands are really cheap - small and medium sizes, a package of 8 for $11.03. Selling at summer markets or festivals? This would be something easy to make and sell.


A few of the beauties added to the shop this week.

These are Beyond the Looking Glass Genuine Ouchless Ear Wraps. These ear Wraps are secured around the rim of the ear with three gentle points of contact as opposed to one wire gripping the back of your ear, require NO piercings, and are far lighter in weight than “traditional” Elven Ear wraps, so they can be worn for hours at length without becoming irritating or painful! They also come with fitting instructions that allow the new owner to fit them to their EXACT ear shape to allow for maximum comfort and stability

***(You can wear them for days in fact. I have really sensitive ears and I wore the very first pair all day every day for four days. They were so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them on the forth night and forgot to take them off before bed. They kinda got lost and smooshed in the blankets though…)


Rings and bracelets from the Glittering World exhibition of jewelry by Lee A. Yazzie (photos 1, 4, 5, and 8) and his son, Raymond C. Yazzie (photos 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, and 10). From top:

  • Blue Corn Bracelet
  • Gold and opal ring with coral, lapis lazuli, jade, and turquoise inlay
  • Coral cuff with opal, sugilite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise inlay
  • Gold and lapis lazuli bracelet
  • Coral Corn Bracelet
  • Gold, turquoise, and coral ring with sugilite and opal inlay
  • Silver, coral, and turquoise cuff with opal, lapis lazuli, and gold inlay
  • Turquoise and gold ring
  • Silver cuff inlaid with coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and gold
  • Turquoise Blessings Bracelet