My hands actually became numb as I was so determined to finish this experiment tonight. It got to the point where there was only rows left (more than I thought) & I just couldn’t stop myself! Probably the fastest design experiment I’ve completed all year+.

Today, I made shorts.
Tonight, I’ll be sleeping in them… They’re so comfy!
Tomorrow, my muscles might hate me. These hands got a good workout today.


-Cory U of CUExperiments


Hey there, Shorties. 

It took some time, but I finally got these crochet Shorties available in three neutral colours at CUExperiments on etsy. With the speed of my Arthritic hands & the amount of rows I have to stitch, these Shorties are pretty well a solid days work. Totally worth it though, as I practically live out of my own pair since I first finished them. I think they’ve become my favourite experiment to date.

Lounge in, sleep in, or wear them to the beach in.

-Cory U


The shorts I finished & posted earlier this week are now available at CUExperiments on Etsy. My own pair of Shorties have definitely become a favourite to lounge around in all day long. I hope they’ll become yours too! Lounge in, sleep in, or lounge around the beach in.

Grey Shorties Crochet Shorts Beachwear Swim by CUExperiments

-Cory U

No experiment is complete without a test day. Behold the Open Back Tank.

Today I’m wearing the newest of new experiments “out & about” the town to see how out falls, if it falls down, & how it feels through a day of living. 

I started this Open Back Tank only six days ago with the scariest bit to accomplish being the top half. Working from bottom to top was new territory for me. It’s tough figuring out the length you need before working on the most fitted areas of the body. By the very end, I added some ribbed length to the bottom to complete the look. (All links above are to the documented instagram progress of the week.)

Hopefully I’ll have a doppelgänger up at CUExperiments on etsy soon enough! 

What do you think of my weeks worth of design?

-Cory U

After 40+ hours of work, it’s finally test day. Wearing my newest experiment sample piece & my proudest design as of yet!

The reality of my design process is that I really don’t know how anything will end up. A vague idea in my mind, I start to stitch away & create a shape that takes on a mind of its own. 

To start, I conceptualized this sweater in my mind as being longer & having full sleeves. The sweater had its own idea in mind. Long sleeves just wouldn’t come to be & the length stayed short. The only element I was certain from the start, was the colour concept. The rest stayed a surprise to even me!

Eventually, I’ll have one in CUExperiments the etsy shop. For now, I’m wearing a one of a kind piece!

-Cory U

What a whirlwind of a week! Lots of changes. Lots to adapt to. Lots to still figure out.

Today marks the completion of a detoxing med free week. My body sure as heck doesn’t know what to do with a clean system (but the creepy muscle twitching has stopped). It’s nice not having to treat the pain, but gosh it’s a struggle to not aggravate these silly joints.

Getting back to experimenting with a new headband & lounging in my purple Charlotte’s Sweater. It’s turned into a relaxing long weekend.

-Cory U


Have you checked out the Open Back Tank at CUExperiments on Etsy yet? My favourite is definitely the Open Back Tank in Rose. Of course, that’s probably because the Linen colour makes me look so ghostly. No matter what I did I couldn’t beat the pale ghost-like imagery of the Linen colour against my colourless skin, so I just embraced it instead. Whites, creams, some yellows, even some soft pinks are soooo not good on me.

If this is the first time you’ve seen this new experiment, you can read more on the design process here. Each tank takes well over a day of stitching away to complete from start to finish. It’s a great workout for my arthritic hands!

Available in more colours upon request.

-Cory U


Call them what you will; Friendship Bracelets, Crochet Bangles, Soft Jewelry etc. They’re the latest experiment to grace the CUExperiments etsy shop! In colours of Raspberry, Mint, Primary, Blue Raspberry & Grape (so far).

Each bracelet has a unique “Cory U” signature stitched inside to remind you it’s handmade & with it’s slight imperfections, essentially One of a Kind.

-Cory U

(via Primary Bangle by CUExperiments on Etsy)