Day 24: Describe him/her physically and emotionally/personality-wise

First off: today was bad. It was really bad. She said over text “we need to break up”. Which scares me. A lot.

I feel like it was partly “in the moment”… But at the same time idk. :/

Anyways… Day 24…
She’s VERY cute. Has lovely skin. Is cudorable. And comforting to hug (which I feel like we both desperately need now).

Personality wise… When she’s giggly, funny, and happy… I love it. There’s times when she gets annoyed (sometimes at seemingly nothing or relatively small things), and that gets old after a while. But overall she’s a motivated person who’s actually going places in life.

And I love everything about her. Even the things that she sees as flaws, not to me.

I just wish she would know how much I care about her :(