Not a fan fic, but a true story

by Vivian Lazarian aka CuddlesBENTOMrenner <3

It was 11pm and my mom had just said her good night. My father was settled in his room fiddling on his computer. It wasn’t long that I had the living room to myself when I flipped on the DVD; earlier that day I had paused The Town at the precise moment that Jem and Doug were fist fighting each other. The volume had been left on high so when the scene played it reverberated straight to my father’s room. Startled by the noise my dad rushes out; his gold rimmed glasses lay halfway past his nose. “What was that?” he voiced, emphatically.

I said nothing because before I could explain myself he found the source on the screen. My father’s tensed body relaxed, but I swear the look on his face had gone from concerned to a death glare in .2 seconds. He turned his head in what seriously looked like a slow motion scene, towards me, and rolled his eyes like he was a sassy, fierce finger snapper. And in a long drawn voice he says “Oh my God; seriously Vivian?”

Before I could stop myself I chuckled out loud like a mad man. This must have been my 50th time watching this movie. Not for the theatrical gusto or Ben Affleck’s directorial excellence, but for the puppy dog face and muscular badassary of the hot tempered, trigger happy little jem named Jeremy Renner. Affleck’s decision to cast him only further cemented Renner in the Hollywood hills of the elite untouchables. I, of course have been pining over this man since my very first glimpse of him in a CSI episode titled “altar boys” back in 2001, and ever since then my love has grown to a healthy obsession of which is enabled by both friends and family. My father on this night, however, was briefly stricken with an unsupportive mood, and was none too pleased to be all agog by my enthusiasm for the Renner. What can I say? a fangirl gots to do what a fangirl gots to do. With his death glare at toe he left me in the shadows of our living room to wallow in the town for the 51st time.

It was glorious.