reality is a social symphony without meaningful conduction, and when acknowledged bears the potential to introduce the most constructive or debilitating of situations. this is the university, organized religion, political ideology, as well as the neighborhood arts center, cooperatives, and blogosphere. in his book ‘the temporary autonomous zone,’ hakim bey describes sorcery as “the systematic cultivation of enhanced consciousness or non-ordinary awareness and its deployment in the world of deeds and objects to bring about desired results.” is this not the application of simple realism into a distracted culture? personal passion is an intoxication, shared beliefs are magic.

organize a zine fair, a night of music, a circuit bending workshop, an open discussion, a book club. these are less events than they are multilogue, and when a comfortable handle on organization is reached it’s time to take on the festival with your new partners in composition. the festival is media alchemy in manifest, that is, a space of converging interests finding a common platform for presentation and discussion. the festival has the potential to influence perception and relations, both within the active space and permanent afterglow.

—  noah klein, aka cuddleformation, via his amazing zine ‘enchantment as enlightenment