cud eastbound

this is the cutest shit ever. i will pay him to help me build a loft bed. why is everyone so adorable?
he can be reached at if you wish to employ him. i recommend hiring him to serenade you and your lover in the moonlight near the ocean. or to help build a tree fort. then you can hire him to serenade you and your lover in the moonlight in your new tree fort. 


Potatoes & Molasses - Over the Garden Wall Cud & Dreampipe Vermin 

I’m going to be touring up the west coast into Seattle with Cud Eastbound after Tochtli Fest in June!!! I’m still working on all the locations and whatnot so if you live around any these places and could help out with a show (or just to hangout) it would be much appreciated! The full set of dates include

6/9 - Los Angeles, CA
6/10 - Santa Cruz, CA
6/11 - Oakland, CA
6/12 - Eureka, CA
6/13 - Ashland, OR
6/14 - Eugene, OR
6/15 or 16 - Portland, OR
6/17 - Seattle, WA
6/18 - Spokane, WA
6/19 - Boise, ID
6/20 - Salt Lake City, UT
6/22 - Las Vegas, NV

Tour van fix-up fundraiser!

*EDIT: On January 8th we will choose a random person who has reblogged this and send them a care package for free* So uh, pass it on!* UPDATE! Dreamondreamweaver is getting the care package.


I figured I’d post this on tumblr as well. We’re mailing out sweet care packages for folks who have donated to the tour van fix-up piggy bank. So far we’ve gotten spark plugs/spacers/wires, distributor cap, engine vacuum hoses, coolant, brake fluid, and a carburator rebuild kit, which is awesome. Buuut there’s still a bit more work to do. If donating isn’t your thing, just check out the music or come to show!

The care package includes…

Four albums by Cud Eastbound: a self titled album (2009), Fiver’s Warning (2010), Cutoff Split W/ An Historic (2011), and the latest album, Furcula “Little Fork” released in July of this past summer, which comes with two silkscreened patches (a large back patch and smaller one of the album cover). 
An also new self-titled album (and another patch) by Rodeo as well as a copy of his zine “Live free, Die hard”.

A brand new split tape between Snail Party & Forest Fire (Toppled Propane Glory & Incipient)

A silkscreened and dyed raspberry wreath back patch by Julie Nix.
A silkscreened and dyed owl/moon back patch made by me (Devon)
 + some other random patches and maybe cool treasure like sea glass or old keys or heart shaped rocks.

CUD EASTBOUND: halifax folk

NIGHTOWLS: accordion/cello babe duo

BROKEN GLASS KIDs: imagine this combined +

THIS IS ME AS A WOMAN : really really really good

Rachel Djazmin : spoken word 

BYRON: beautiful human 

dreampipe collective will have art available !!


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