smiviefarms said:

You seriously have some?! I'd love to get some seeds! These guys look fantastic! Let me know how to go about this, I'd love to have some. And there are a few others I'm looking for too but I'm not sure if they're doable here in the desert.

I would recommend you also try a horned cucumber (Cucumis metuliferus) if you are in the desert and looking for juicy, fresh-tasting options. I’ll also have seeds for that one at the end of the season here.


I have started tags of #arid and #desert, and I am working on filling them up with more info, but if you are looking for drought-tolerant options, you should ask someone like lisa-rayner, who does permaculture in Arizona. She literally wrote to book on the subject.

There are also some great sites like Abundant Desert devoted to the arid permaculture, and awesome books like The Home Farming Revolution for Drylands.