Edit: So I saw this bike chained right outside of the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. I was like, what the hell is that, snapped a shot, and then got charged a touristy $1.50 as I grabbed a water from the vendor right next to it.

So here I am, uploading said picture to my blog. I had no idea what this was all about, but someone had notified me of a wikipedia article called “yarn bombing” or better, “guerilla knitting.”

I thought everything made sense until I got a message from a tumblr user with the truth. Thank you cubesofspinach. I now know of Agata Olek and the work she does.

butt-burgers replied to your photo: omg when you put them right next to each other like that.. it kills me. you have the same nose.

The lighting makes the side of my hair look darker than it actually is, as you know. It’s way worse IRL.

I’m not sure if I should be excited about this because A) I like looking like a guy when I feel particularly masculine and B) Gary Oldman is pretty sexy

or if I should be bothered because A) I look like a guy but sometimes I feel particularly feminine and B) the character, while awesome, is pretty awful