B2ST’s Yoseob and Cube Girls release teaser for “Perfume”

#Yoseob’s voice, ahh melts me!

CUBE Trainees (ongoing list)

Please note that this is not a confirmed list, but just me searching around. I am constantly adding trainees to this post, so please be patient with me. I am, after all, only one person.

Also, I am not 100% sure if they are current Cube trainees.

Female -

장하영 (Jang Hayoung)
김소애 (Kim Soae) 
한예지 (Han Yeji)
장소진 (Jang Sojin)
오승희 (Oh Seunghee)
손 (Sorn Sajakul)
강혜린 (Kang Hyerin)
최유진 (Choi Yoojin)

고서현 (Go Seohyun)

승연 (Seungyeon)

배우리 (Bae Woori)

희우 (Heewoo)

최유나 (Choi Yoona)

김민지 (Kim Minji)

김혜림 (Kim Hyerim)

임다은 (Im Daeun)

이채정 (Lee Chaejung)

Male -

태민 (Taemin)

형원 (Hyungwon)

현상 (Hyunsang)

다빈 (Dabin)

이회택 (Lee Hwetaek)

이연성 (Lee Yeonsung)

강형구 (Kang Hyungkoo)

김효종 (Kim Hyojong)

박상훈 (Park Sanghoon)

Former Trainees -

최빛나 (Ashley Choi) [debuted in Ladies’ Code]
윤건희 (Yoon Gunhee / Dave)

김승훈 (Kim Seunghoon)
유제혁 (Ryu Jaehyuk) [in JK Space's 전설 (The Legend)]

이승태 (Lee Seungtae) [in JK Space's 전설 (The Legend)]

진분/秦奋 (Jinboon) [in JK Space's 전설 (The Legend)]

김민준 (Kim Minjoon) [in JK Space's 전설 (The Legend)]

이창선 (Lee Changsun) [in JK Space's 전설 (The Legend)]

심재훈 (Shim Jaehoon)

장양 (Zhang Yang) [Chinese trainee] (now at CJ E&M)
학동 [Chinese trainee] - since 2011/06/14

이인 (Lee In)

정해리 (Jung Haeri) - now a trainee in Loen Entertainment

B2ST’s Yoseob and Cube Girls to release single “Perfume”

B2ST’s Yang Yoseob and Cube Entertainment’s future girl group called Cube Girls will be teaming up to release a new single titled, “Perfume”. The new single, which will be included in ‘Cube Voice Project’ will be released online on April 30th.

As the name suggests, ‘Cube Voice Project’ will only focus on the “voice” and music. The single “Perfume” will showcase both the powerful vocals of Yoseob and the Cube Girls, the Cube Entertainment’s new girl group who’s preparing for an official debut.

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양요섭, 큐브걸스 - PERFUME (Teaser)