Cube Entertainment “responds” to Korean 4nias complaints

4minute fan-page union has passed to CUBE the opinions and complaints of the fans. Here’s a summary of CUBE’s response:

1. At the request for them to come up with a solution regarding the benefits of the 2nd fan-club membership (2nd fan-club members had no fanmeeting perks as 3rd fan-club members will):

(Cube’s response) The person in charge has resigned and no one yet has taken over his place, so we weren’t quite aware about the contents of the 2nd fan-club membership. We apologise about that. We will make it that, from now onwards, 2nd members will be able to participate in any fan-meeting / ticketing in the future using their membership certification, just the same as 3rd members.

2. Regarding their concert activities that are always overseas-focused:

The Fan Marketer cannot give a response regarding albums/concerts related contents. We will pass the schedule/activities related contents to the Management Team.

3. At the request to make a separate official twitter account for 4minute:

4minute is a team in which all members have their personal twitter accounts and are delivering their news mostly through their official Facebook instead of opening an extra twitter account. We will take into considerations the opinions of opening an official 4minute twitter account.

4. At the request for a project (reality show) to keep hold of the fans during 4minute’s inactive period:

To be passed to the Management Team (the same as no.2)

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Who you should fight in Big Bang

TOP: Don’t hurt him, he’s like mentally 5. Plus, you won’t be able to throw a punch if he starts speaking. That voice would have you in oceans.

TY: Don’t fight Tae, unless he takes off his damn shirt again. If he does that, whoop his ass with that shirt. Hit him in his eyes, nose, and lips.

GD: Fuck him up, do it, I know you want to. Go ahead and whoop that rainbow, because he said that in the day he was like a hamster, but at night, he makes love like a gangsta. Fuck. Him. Up.

DS: DONT LAY A FINGER ON THIS ANGEL OF A HUMAN BEING. HE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO HARM. Baby him and love this creature. Plus, Top would beat yo ass if you tried.

SR: Go ahead and fight this horny maknae, don’t be deceived by those cute panda eyes because he ain’t nothing a a freak. He gained those eye bags for a reason you know.

Whenever BTOB introduces themselves in English

Hyunsik: -decent English- Hello everyone I am Hyunsik from BTOB! Nice to meet you!

Eunkwang: -trying really hard- Hello! My name is Eunkwang I am reader and read bocarist of BTOB! 

Peniel: -Perfect English- Hey what’s up guys I’m Peniel from BTOB 

Ilhoon: -uncomfortable- Uhhh Hi I Am Ilhoon from BTOB 

Minhyuk: -nervous because he studies English- Hello guys I am rapper and vocalist of BTOB 


Sungaje:-not trying- Hi. Sungjae. 

Cube Entertainment artists "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE" holds close to heart; Cube President Hong suffers from ALS

While the K-Pop world begin to learn more about ALS and the conditions that many of those who suffer with it face, Cube Entertainment artists have always been familiar with the plight. 

Their founder and president, Hong Seungsung is long known to suffer from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig disease.

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