We would like to announce the birth of Lillian West to CTO Bridal!! 

Lillian West enters the bridal fashion scene with the launch of its Preview 2014 collection. The collection features classic lines of rich satins, re-embroidered fine laces and soft romantic fabrics. Each wedding dress features stunning details that create exclusive works of art. The collection features plunging gowns with low backs, sexy slits, chic one shoulder neckline and beautiful classic lace silhouettes.



Kristian, her mom and her sister stopped by our boutique looking for Bridesmaid Dresses for her wedding at Che’ne Rouge on 10/19/13.  And long and behold she found Alexia Designs dress that would compliment her girls lovely!  Not only did she find their dresses she found a Stunning Justin Alexander Sash to add that special touch to her Wedding Gown. 

Jesse Garrett Photography did an awesome job with her images!!  Everyone was RIGHT ON! We Thank You Kristian for trusting in us for your wedding attire!!


CTO Bridal

CTO News: Luxe trends take over winter weddings

November is already here! Can you believe it? Now that the colder months are upon us, winter weddings are on the mind. Here are some of the latest winter wedding trends for the 2013-2014 season:

{1} Luxe Venues.  With the wedding industry in an off season during the winter months, luxe wedding venues are becoming a favorite for couples.  Special offers are driving this trend and venues are looking to bring in business during these off months.  Couples can get those wow factor venues that may be out of their budget in the summer months.

{2} Laser Cut Invitations.  Whether the invitation itself has laser cut corners, or you opt for a laser cut belly band, this technique is perfect for winter weddings.  The style will add a luxe look while giving a nod to a season favorite, snowflakes.

Candles(Photo: Provided photo)

{3} Candles Galore.  Add warmth to your wedding space by adorning your venue with candles.  Opt for tall taper candles in candelabras or floating candles in mismatched glass containers.  For dramatic effect add luxe gold table linens to enhance this glow.

{4} Vintage Glam.  Think Great Gatsby or Downton Abbey.  A glamourous twist on the vintage trend that is taking the wedding industry by storm.  Add in embellishments, metallics, and rich fabrics to traditional vintage touches, like lace and heirloom pieces.  Music is also key.  Opt for a big band or have your DJ play classic 20s and 30s music.

{5} Snowy Touches.  Whether it’s braving the cold weather to get some beautiful snowy photos, or incorporating snow like elements into you decor, don’t be afraid to embrace the season.  Try using cotton in your florals, dainty hanging crystals, or an appetizer ice display.  You can even bring the snow to your wedding with ecofetti, faux confetti that looks like snow.  Perfect for tossing right after you say I do.

Resource:  http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/LocalExpertsBlog/2013/11/04/luxe-trends-take-over-winter-weddings/3435223/

CTO NEWS: Destination Weddings: Big Business in Kingston, Jamaica


Destination weddings give couples and their families the chance to spend days together in an exotic location rather than just four or five hours in a banquet room. They offer the wedding couple and their families the chance to truly bond and make memories that will last a lifetime in a far-far place. The cost of a destination wedding is another reason couples may decide to plan one. Destination weddings can be as luxurious or simple as the couple likes. Additionally, destination weddings are unique and enjoyable for the couple and their guests.

CTO Bridal & Your Door to the World Travel combined offers Destination Wedding Planning & Honeymoon Packages.  Visit: http://www.yourdoortotheworld.com/ or call 678.324.7842.

Check out this article Huffingtonpost.com.  Not only is Jamaica a popular location but Mexico, Dominican Republic and St. Lucia are sort after locale as well.

*Resource http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chie-davis/destination-weddingsbig-b_b_4116240.html

"CTO Bridal Consultants has some of the best wedding coordinators! I had the pleasure of having Cereatha Owens- Fontanez as my wedding coordinator (the BEST)! She was there from the very beginning to the end. When I first started planning my wedding I didn’t know all of the behind the scenes work. She was able to give me a full layout of everything that I desired for my wedding. She helped me with my colors, venue, food, guest list, and just keeping everything together! I must say after all of the hard work that was put into planning everything after a year and a half,it all came out just as I expected. I was so AMAZED on how Cereatha came and just coordinated and directed me and my hubby’s special day! I would recommend her to any upcoming bride seeking a wedding coordinator. She is definitely the one to get the job done! Thanks for everything!!!!" Meagan & Markevias



Bride Brittany came into the boutique in search of dresses for her entourage for her wedding at Stone Creek Inn.  Loved working with her and her girls find the right selection.  Paris Mountain Photography captured it all with floral by A Perfect Wedding.  She and her girls looked Stunning!!

Again Thank You for allowing CTO Bridal to play a part in your Dream Wedding Day!!

CTO NEWS: 5 Brides Reveal Their Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

Must Read

With all the stress of planning a wedding, it should come as no surprise that most couples actually skip wedding night sex — but not for the reasons you’d think. Turns out they’re not turning down sex because they’re exhausted from the big day; a new study reveals that 24 percent of couples admit that they skip the lovemaking because the groom is too drunk; 13 percent skip it because their bride is too wasted. Take that, marriage vows!

At least 17 percent of couples wait three days later to consummate their marriage. But if you ask a bride what her biggest wedding day (and night) regrets are — it doesn’t come down to sex. For all the women we spoke to (all of which were married within the last two years), it turns out that sex was, for most of them, one of the last things on their minds the night of — and the morning after. So, what were their biggest regrets?

Spending Too Much Time Walking The Room “One of the things that I wish I didn’t do at my wedding,” says Sarah, 28, “was waste the whole night walking around and talking to our guests. You read on all the wedding websites that once your guests sit down to eat, it’s a good time to walk the room and thank people for coming — but when you actually start doing it, it’s awful. I didn’t even get to dance or drink champagne. It took forever to walk the room and thank people for coming.”

Letting The Stress Take Over “Hindsight is 20/20, I know,” says Christie, 33, “but I look back on all the time I wasted stressed out and I want to smack myself! It’s just a wedding. Yes, it’s an important day in your life — but it’s going to be perfect no matter how much planning you put into it. So one thing I’d definitely change was how much anxiety I felt before my big day. My husband wasn’t stressed — so why was I?”

Too Much Booze “Am I the only person to admit they were too drunk at their wedding?,” laughs Jess, 25. “Before we said our ‘I Dos’, I took a few shots with my bridesmaids to calm my nerves. After the ceremony, we took a few more shots while we were taking photos to celebrate our ‘I Dos’ and then finally, at the reception, I made it a point to enjoy the fact that we had an open bar. When I look back on the night it’s super fuzzy. So, while getting wasted at your own wedding sounds really awesome, I wish I’d dialed it back a little bit so I could actually remember what happened that day.”

Not Speaking Up “I hate the way my wedding photos turned out,” says Kelleigh, 29. “Even that day, I didn’t like what our photographer was asking us to do or the poses he was instructing us into — but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to cause a scene or act like a bridezilla. Now, though, I wish like hell that I’d said something because I can’t believe how bad the photos turned out.”

Not Eating “Do you know much it costs to eat at a wedding?,” Cait, 27, asks. “Before the wedding, I kept telling myself ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to eat, I’ll have a plate.’ But then you’re three-quarters of the way through the reception and you haven’t even touched your appetizers yet because you’re too busy smiling and pretending you’re not, actually, starving to death. Whenever any of my friends comment on how good the food was, I can’t even pretend like I know what they’re talking about — I never had a chance to eat anything!”

Resource: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/03/5-brides-share-their-bigg_n_4179393.html?ir=Weddings

Recent Rave from a Bride


{Recent Rave} - Thank you for seeing me yesterday at short notice.  Me and my mother had a wonderful shopping experience in your store.  Your store is absolutely beautiful and you provided the excellent customer service that future brides hope to have during their shopping experience.  Shopping for the right gown is not easy, but you made it such a joy. Andrea W.