View W towards Canal 1924 by cta web on Flickr.

Caption: “From 1895 until 1958, four rapid transit routes that collectively comprise today’s Blue and Pink Lines used an ‘all elevated’ route to reach downtown Chicago. This 1924 view looks west at the Canal station which was located just south of Union Station.”

Now arriving on the CTA: the squirrel truth.

Ads that feature satirical squirrel “facts” began popping up on the Red Line this month after a Chicago comedian successfully raised more than $4,000 through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

“Facts” on the ads include: “Squirrels live in trees. Bees live in trees. Are squirrels actually killer bees…in disguise?” and “No squirrel has ever been appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court…yet. Stay vigilant, humans.”

It’s probably because squirrels are THE BEST.

See what I mean?