41 Things I Learned in my First Year of College

1. Eating alone is not only okay, it can be very nice and a good way to have time to yourself. Make waffles and take them up to your room to eat in bed. 

2. Learn how to say yes to hanging out with new people and trying new things.

3. On the other hand, learn how to feel okay saying no. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you feel will harm you. 

4. Invest in a netflix acount. After a long day of classes, nothing is better than being able to veg for a bit in front of Breaking Bad or Gossip Girl. 

5. Make time to work out. Your health is important, and it will always make you feel better.

6. If your first class is at noon, don’t stay in bed until then. Get up, shower, eat some breakfast, and start your day off right. 

7. Nothing feels worse than staying in bed all day when you feel sad.

8. You’re going to feel sad and you’re going to miss home. This is okay. There are a lot of people surrounding you who feel the same way.

9. It’s okay to go home on the weekends if you want to. Count yourself lucky if you can consider two places home. 

10. You’re allowed to spend as many weekends as you want with old friends/your boyfriend. All the people you love don’t have to just be the new friends you meet at school.

11. Again, don’t listen to what people say. If you want to go home every weekend, do it. If you want to drive 2 hours to see your boyfriend, do it. You’re an adult.

12.  Long distance relationships can not only just work out, they can be really, really great as well. 

13. If he needs to break up with you to “experience college”, he’s going to use you as a back up plan. Do not be available. You deserve to be with someone who isn’t going to want to just have a guarenteed hook up on breaks. 

14. Talk to new people in your classes and smile at people on campus. Everyone loves meeting friendly people. 

15. Be nice to the people who work in your building. They’re awesome in general, and chances are high they’ll just let you back into your room when you forget your key.

16. Call your mom every Sunday, and do not forget about your dad.

17. You’re always going to need your mom. When you get really sick and can’t get out of bed, call her. She will know exactly what to do.

18. Accept that you’re not going to know everything going on in your high school best friend’s life. . 

19. Try to know what’s going on in your high school best friend’s life.

20. Don’t fall asleep in a random fraternity guys bed no matter how nice he is. Stay with your girl friends when you go out to crazy parties.

21. Take advantage of the free dining hall food no matter how bad you think it is. You’re going to miss it when you’re cooking meals for yourself.

22. Always have comfort food on hand. Sometimes you’re just going to need to curl up with oreos and milk and drift to sleep with netflix in front of you.

23. Invite girls from your hall out with you. Everyone is always looking for something to do, and it’s nice having friends who live right next to you. 

24. It’s okay if you don’t want to spend all of your time hanging out in the dorms even though everyone else does.

25. Explore the town you’re in. Find the place that serves the most delicious ice cream and fudge. 

26. There are so many holidays in the year. Celebrate them all. Cinco de Mayo is a perfect excuse to get drunk off margaritas on a Monday if you so choose. 

27. Not all sorority girls are bitches, not all football players are tools, and not all guys in finance club are nerds. Don’t be that person who judges what they’re not apart of. 

28. You can make friends anywhere.

29. Take advantage of being surrounded by so many people who are your age. It will be harder to find people who are similar to you after we graduate. 

30. Go to bed at a reasonable time. Chuck Bass can wait.

31. Do not settle for a guy that is clearly settling for you. You’re not even 20 yet.

32. Do not go to a fraternity formal unless you have known the guy for years and years, it’s with your boyfriend, or the guy who invited you is gay.

33. Stay away from drunk guys who are clearly in their 5th+ year of college.

34. You don’t have to find it flattering/ accept a drink if a guy offers to buy you one. 

35. Read the syllabus. 

36. When you hear about older people’s best memories of college, they are very rarely talking about their first year.

37. Your first year of college doesn’t have to be the best year of your life.

38. Say yes to spring break trips and random adventures even if you think you don’t have the money. These are going to be some of the best memories of your life. 

39. Start saving now for spring break trips and random adventures. Do not miss out on them.

40. Always have advil on hand.

41. Even when you’re not in class, you never stop learning. 


A Song of Ice and Bundesrepublik: Guttenberg of the CSU

The story of the young and brave Guttenberg from the ancient House CSU is a tragedy. Popular with the smallfolk and Lord of a vast army, it became clear he would reach for the Bundeskanzleramt - seeking revenge for his father Stoiber, beaten in a terrible duel against Schröder of the SPD. Yet the reigning Kanzler could not allow such treachery. In the so-called Red Plagiatsaffäre, his career was cruelly murdered. He has not been seen since, and his once prosperous House CSU has been spiralling downwards.

Ich spreche ihm mein vollstes Vertrauen aus. -Merkel of the House CDU, one day before she ordered to let him disappear

Der Vorwurf, meine Doktorarbeit sei ein Plagiat, ist abstrus. -Guttenberg’s last words

inspired by x

How I'm trying to sell my boyfriend on CSUMB

Hey this is campus. In a field of flowers basically.


Oh look, more flowers!


Hmm.. we’ll put some more in there, just for good measure.


So this is where I’d work and learn aka the backyard of CSUMB:


Look! They have a marine ecology lab. And by lab they mean outdoorsy lab aka the ocean.


Plus, turtles man.


I’m pretty sure my plan is foolproof.