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my sixth tumblr theme featuring the HBO fantasy series ‘Game Of Thrones’ originally written by GRRM

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☆ don’t use as a base
☆ credit me

☆ 500px post sizes
☆ 12 custom links
☆ three (!) descriptions possible
☆ you can disable the description box & use two different fonts for the title

Alternative Colors:

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Act now! They’re going fast.

I just learned today that there are only 12 tickets left for my full day workshop at Midwest UX 2014. I believe that means I currently have 18 folks registered. This is promising to be a fun and exciting day. It excites me, because I expect many participants will be able to immediately put what they learn into practice, saving themselves hours of work and improving their satisfaction with their delivered products. Here’s what one attendee told me a few months after my workshop:

As far as the workshop, yes, I definitely have applied concepts to a few of our products.

Specifically, OOCSS is the biggest thing. I’ve made a conscious effort to use OOCSS when I’m laying something out. We aren’t to the point yet where we have reusable styles that cross product lines, but that is the goal. It is sad, in a way, as a few of our products use UI frameworks, namely jQuery UI. The frameworks use OOCSS all over the place. We couldn’t see the forest for the trees. It was right in front of our eyes this entire time, and we were still styling things by ID in a non-reusable manner. Now we are moving in a better direction, albeit slowly, and we may have reduced the amount of CSS that we write.

If you want to get in on this, here’s the information about the workshop, and here’s where you can register.

See you in Indianapolis!

someone please give me a color scheme to work off of to make my theme tmr :)

i want to make a cute theme in colors i’ve never used before! ive used pink, blue and black (those are the main colors other than grey) i want a mix of colors :D

i might startup a blog for making simple themes… id have ppl give me challenges and make a theme according to those demands.. itll be like a little game :D

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Website designer wanted!

Is anyone good with HTML and C++ or CSS? wanitng to design a good looking website.

I have no idea what these coding things are but i’m willing to pay someone to design me a website that looks great, email me at if you’re the person!

in the future i’ll be looking for someone who can design web apps/software aswell.