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To celebrate it being Christmas time, I have decided to do a giveaway.
Info & Rules:
- Reblog to enter, Likes do not count (reblog as many times as you want)
- You must be following me to win, I will check.
- The winner will receive: One CSR custom short sleeve comfort colors t shirt, One CSR koozie and One CSR sticker.
- Due to everything in my giveaway being custom made the winner will be announced March 25th, 2015 at 2:00 PM.


Good luck! xox
P.S. If anyone is interested in the stuff in the picture above I will be taking orders.

The volunteers ✌️ Had a greatful day with fruitful experience that money cant buy! So are ready? Lets join us 👍 #uniqlo #csr #recycledcloths #activity #maygodblessyou #smiles #1malaysia #powerofclothing #onlyinuniqlo #uniqlogeng #uniqlofamily #uniqlomalaysia #igersmalaysia #vsco #vscocam #vscouniqlo #vscomalaysia (at Dignity for Children Foundation)

Sobrang badtrip ko lang sa sarili ko.. pa better better late than never pa. Had i known that this is gonna happen, Di sana ko umasa that id be with someone instead i would’ve put myself first edi sana soya ako ngayon :( 😔😞 3months to go pero nawawalang gana nanaman ako :( 😖ka-frustrate na!! Sabagay, lage nmang ganun and thats what im good at—being alone #Gradwaiting #RidingSolo #Feels #PracticeTeaching #UMak #Csr #Randomnation (at Colegio de Sta. Rosa - Makati)

when you lose your parent, you realize how vital they are to the foundation of your life. Its impossible to understand what it means until that curtain is pulled. You are an orphan, but then i think that life is kind of remarkable and the thing that causes the biggest pain can also bring amazing energy.

his name is Mubaraq… and he’s my boy…


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So I just wanted to talk about something.
You know when you have to call a place to get something fixed, whether it be your phone isn’t working or maybe you’re having trouble ordering something online. You know those people you talk to? Those are what are commonly known as CSRs, if you weren’t already aware. Being a CSR is harder than you may think. Imagine having to talk to some of the crankiest people imaginable for 8 hours straight and then some nice ones mixed in there. Now also add in that you may also have to do stuff like report employees of certain companies passing away or tell someone that they can’t have health insurance although they desperately need it, like I have to do. It’s stressful. So please, I’m just asking you, if you have an absolutely splendid CSR tell them to have a good day and that you appreciate them. Heck, even ask to talk to a manager or supervisor if you have the time and tell them about your experience. It seriously brightens our day and we love hearing how well we are doing especially if we had a lousy person before you.

Grant’s Advent Calendar 2014 Video Podcast - Day #17

On Day 17 we find out that if you need help with your Advent Calendar, it’s just a phone call away! #Advent2014

Help is just a phone call away.  (Yes, I’ve gone completely insane.)


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I have seen many Kims, including Lea and Joanna Ampil. I thought Ampil’s live performance was stunning, light-years away from her rendition on the CSR. Lea was fabulous, but of the live Kims I have seen I always felt Ma-Anne was the strongest throughout the entire show. I really wish the Toronto cast had been recorded.

Making the case for sustainability long before it was “cool”


Increasingly, companies, non-profit organizations, universities and government agencies are looking to make their worksites more environmentally friendly and with that come the need to make sustainability a core value. After all and according to Ceres (a non-profit leader coalescing organizations that want to tackle the most pressing issues facing the environment), practicing sustainability helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint, require less water and avoid conflicts in their supply chains. It’s natural that business-minded organizations would want to engage in sustainable efforts. The idea that business can make the world a better place sounds like a train anyone can jump on gleefully. According to Wally Hopp, professor of Operations Management at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, positive business practices (and sustainability is one of them) are tactics that enhance the welfare of all stakeholders—that includes customers, employees, shareholders and community members.

At the end of October, North Shore TMA staff attended a sustainability fair at the North Shore Community College in Lynn, MA. We spent the first hour of the morning on “display”—manning a table layered with brochures, banners and promotional material supporting our programs and services. We shared that space in a U-shaped format in the Community College’s gym, with a few rows of chairs set up in the center, where students could sit to listen to a variety of presentations from the companies present. During the second hour, our Outreach Manager, Al Marrone had the opportunity to present to the students about what the NSTMA does, summarizing our mission and explaining why offering commuting options should be the standard at any organization that cares about sustainability.

“At the end of the day, if every single one of you has to worry about how to get to and from school, do you even care if the College recycles or that there are electric hand driers in the bathrooms?” Al asked the students. “If the North Shore Community College joins [the NSTMA], then we will work with the administration and the local government to develop transit opportunities for you between campus and from other major bus and train stops.”

Fortunately for us (and the students), Al’s presentation stuck. Just last week, Al and Andrea Leary, NSTMA Executive Director met with the folks at the North Shore Community College about joining. Al is also working on expanding the NSTMA’s incentive program Green to Work to include a customized solution for students called Green to School. We plan to officially roll out our Green to School program to students at Salem State University (a new member of the NSTMA) early in 2015.

At the NSTMA, the idea is simple. Start with your employees (or students in the case of colleges/universities). Give them options to make their commute easier so they arrive at work (or school) ready to perform. In turn, they will be more productive and will produce more products or enhance a service that will benefit your organization’s customers and boost your bottom line. That will make your shareholders happy, which will make you happy. And from there, you can invest in the community and continue to make your employees happy. It’s goes full circle.

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Empresa china de trenes CSR Corp obtiene pedidos de Argentina por US$275 millones

Empresa china de trenes CSR Corp obtiene pedidos de Argentina por US$275 millones

CSR ofrecerá productos de locomoción para un proyecto de renovación de vías en el país sudamericano.

El fabricante chino de trenes CSR Corp Ltd dijo que ganó órdenes de Argentina equivalentes a 1.700 millones de yuanes (US$274,84 millones), en momentos en que las firmas chinas de ferrocarriles refuerzan cada vez más su posición en el exterior.

CSR ofrecerá productos de locomoción para un…

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i dont know what i love the most about this picture

the fact that bad batter is for some reason standing on a moving godamn train

ghost batter has just passed out like ‘peace out shitfucks’

the batter looks really tiny 

or that the merchant girl has managed to fall asleep within 2 seconds

Post “♫♪ ░H░A░P░P░Y░ Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar - GIFTS NOW (Post-144531)" from "Rych ou Gift" has been published on [O.L.D.] Old London Docks - Best Second Life Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Feeds!.

Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar / Day 1

We have something new for you this Year! 
From Today till 23th December we will set a few new gifts Daily under the Cosmo Tree!
All you have to do is come by, wear your group tag and get yours!
We planned to close the group and do it just for our loyal customers, but in Xmas spirit we leaving group open, so have fun, tell your friends, and enjoy your gifts!

Nós temos algo novo para você este ano!  
A partir de hoje até 23 de dezembro vamos distribuir presentes diários sob a árvore de Cosmo! 
Tudo que você tem a fazer é passar por aqui, vestir seu tag grupo e obter seu GIFT! 
Nós planejamos  fechar o grupo  apenas para os nossos clientes fiéis, mas em espírito Xmas deixaremos o grupo aberto, para você aproveitar, diga aos seus amigos e desfrute de seus presentes!



Cosmopolitan team wish you all Happy Holidays!

 DAY 1 


TP: Cosmopolitan Sale Room 

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♫♪ ░H░A░P░P░Y░ Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar – GIFTS NOW (Post-144531)

"♫♪ ░H░A░P░P░Y░ Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar - GIFTS NOW (Post-144531)" @ "[O.L.D.] Old London Docks - Best Second Life Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Feeds!"

Futra "cruelty free" - możliwe?

Futra “cruelty free” – możliwe?

Do tej pory sądziłam, że nie, a jednak…

Petite Mort Fur to firma odzieżowa, która oferuje futra wyłącznie uszyte ze zwierząt, które umarły w sposób naturalny lub zginęły w wypadku.

Zamiast wspierać przemysł futrzarski, firma zamawia skóry z miejsc, które oczyszczają drogi z ciał potrąconych zwierząt lub takich, które odbierają z ferm martwe zwierzęta. Oczywiście, tego rodzaju skóry są trudniejsze…

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