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To celebrate it being Christmas time, I have decided to do a giveaway.
Info & Rules:
- Reblog to enter, Likes do not count (reblog as many times as you want)
- You must be following me to win, I will check.
- The winner will receive: One CSR custom short sleeve comfort colors t shirt, One CSR koozie and One CSR sticker.
- Due to everything in my giveaway being custom made the winner will be announced March 25th, 2015 at 2:00 PM.

Good luck! xox
P.S. If anyone is interested in the stuff in the picture above I will be taking orders.

I think Kwang-Ho is the breakout star from this recording - I think it helps that the other two English albums had Thuy before the character was given a little more dimension (though I think Keith Burns has a great voice) and Charles Azulay suffered like everyone else by the ridiculously choppy way CSR was recorded. Kwang-Ho’s voice is more like Keith’s in that it is so unusual it is hard not to take notice!


Where Are The Women at Davos?

Social inclusion is at the top of the agenda in Davos, Switzerland, this week, where the question of the role equality plays in driving growth is being asked at every given opportunity. However, of those asking that question, an important voice is missing: women’s.

The portion of female participants at the World Economic Forum meeting is at the stunningly low level of 17% . Davos is both a victim and an indicator of its surrounding reality…

Full gender equality is a prerequisite to societal progress and well-being. It rests on a central pivot – the fundamental principle of unity – that humanity is, in essence, a family, with each of us – whether male or female – as equal members. As such, lasting change will only occur if an unshakeable consciousness grows, resulting in the fundamental transformation in all our attitudes and values, including our governing and consultative institutions.

Resolved: Can I reuse a SSL CSR? #solution #computers #fix

Resolved: Can I reuse a SSL CSR? #solution #computers #fix

Can I reuse a SSL CSR?

I’ve generated a self certified SSL cert for testing a new web site. The time has come for the site to go live and I now want to purchase a cert from GeoTrust. Can I use the same CSR that I generated for the self cert, or do I need to create a new one?


Answer [by Coops]: Can I reuse a SSL CSR?

As long as your using the same key, domain (aka common-name), contact…

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#INTERVIEW: Patagonia CEO speaks on “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign and how companies can drive social change.

"If there’s one thing companies should do today, it’s become a for-benefit corporation. It says, Look, profit is important, but what’s just as important is the environment and the community."

READ her interview here to learn about Patagonia’s pioneering business philosophy.

I have seen many Kims, including Lea and Joanna Ampil. I thought Ampil’s live performance was stunning, light-years away from her rendition on the CSR. Lea was fabulous, but of the live Kims I have seen I always felt Ma-Anne was the strongest throughout the entire show. I really wish the Toronto cast had been recorded.