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To celebrate it being Christmas time, I have decided to do a giveaway.
Info & Rules:
- Reblog to enter, Likes do not count (reblog as many times as you want)
- You must be following me to win, I will check.
- The winner will receive: One CSR custom short sleeve comfort colors t shirt, One CSR koozie and One CSR sticker.
- Due to everything in my giveaway being custom made the winner will be announced March 25th, 2015 at 2:00 PM.


Good luck! xox
P.S. If anyone is interested in the stuff in the picture above I will be taking orders.

Spring Valley & friends CSR activity last week at Angkol
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The truth about CSR

The truth about CSR

Most companies have long practiced some form of corporate social and environmental responsibility with the broad goal, simply, of contributing to the well-being of the communities and society they affect and on which they depend. But there is increasing pressure to dress up CSR as a business discipline and demand that every initiative deliver business results. That is asking too much of CSR and…

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So I just wanted to talk about something.
You know when you have to call a place to get something fixed, whether it be your phone isn’t working or maybe you’re having trouble ordering something online. You know those people you talk to? Those are what are commonly known as CSRs, if you weren’t already aware. Being a CSR is harder than you may think. Imagine having to talk to some of the crankiest people imaginable for 8 hours straight and then some nice ones mixed in there. Now also add in that you may also have to do stuff like report employees of certain companies passing away or tell someone that they can’t have health insurance although they desperately need it, like I have to do. It’s stressful. So please, I’m just asking you, if you have an absolutely splendid CSR tell them to have a good day and that you appreciate them. Heck, even ask to talk to a manager or supervisor if you have the time and tell them about your experience. It seriously brightens our day and we love hearing how well we are doing especially if we had a lousy person before you.

I have seen many Kims, including Lea and Joanna Ampil. I thought Ampil’s live performance was stunning, light-years away from her rendition on the CSR. Lea was fabulous, but of the live Kims I have seen I always felt Ma-Anne was the strongest throughout the entire show. I really wish the Toronto cast had been recorded.


i dont know what i love the most about this picture

the fact that bad batter is for some reason standing on a moving godamn train

ghost batter has just passed out like ‘peace out shitfucks’

the batter looks really tiny 

or that the merchant girl has managed to fall asleep within 2 seconds

Large-scale partnerships are all the rage, but could they be exacerbating poverty? A new  study published by the Fairtrade Foundation UK warns that some agricultural public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Africa appear to prioritize commercial interests while ignoring the needs of the smallholder farmers they claim to help – and they could even make things worse!

Read the story and download the report here.



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China’s 382 Million Millenials Demand Corporate Social ResponsibilityJing Daily, 14 October 2014

A survey by communications agency MSL Group that questioned 8,000 milllennials worldwide born between 1984 and 1996 found that in China, 92 percent of respondents demand business involvement in addressing social issues. This is in line with millennials’ expectations globally: 73 percent said that government can’t solve major social by itself, and 83 percent want corporations to be actively involved.

“The overwhelming majority of millennials believe corporate involvement in tackling issues such as economy, health and environment is a key factor to build a successful outcome,” said MSLGROUP Chief Strategy Officer Pascal Beucler. “Millennials look to businesses not only to lead, but to actively engage them in the process. This opens up huge opportunities for businesses worldwide to re-set in the face of declining consumer trust.”