This is my #cspine , I have #flatbacksyndrome from my initial #scoliosis #spinalfusion with #harringtonrods 26 years ago. My #flatback has pushed my neck into a #forwardneckcurvature bulging my discs and putting pressure on my spinal cord. I suffer from #migraines #chronicpain #discdegeneration #arthritis #armnumbness and much more with this. Hoping for answers next week at a new #spinespecialist in Utah. Does anyone else suffer with anything similar? #scoliosisimaging #scoliosisawareness #mri #scoliosismri #scoliosisunited


sup this is my c-spine. it has no curve [loss of cervical lordosis] which has come from a mix the bones slipping out of place and poor posture. neuro said it would not be worth using traction devices because they’d likely slip right out of place again, but this is part of what is damaging my nerves. less curve = more tension.

from the internet:

The lack of cervical spine curvature causes tension on the spinal cord and carotid arteries as they ascend into the brain to feed it oxygen and nutrients. This can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, fatigue, tinnitus, pain, nervousness, insomnia, high blood pressure, and confusion, just to name a few. - drkarencann

This adverse mechanical tension on the central nervous system can lead to a chronic central mediated pain syndrome. postureclinic

Was i the only one that liked to be strapped on to a backboard? I Loved it because it put me right to sleep Like its the best feeling in the world but awkward when your doing skills lab and everyone is just starring at you all knocked out and strapped to a board