to do:


  • biology paper (due thurs noon)
  • chemistry paper (due thurs 2 pm)
  • study for lab exam
  • study for biol midterm
  • csl essay


  • cody replies
  • adelaide replies
  • plot with ash


  • welcome to ny 
  • blank space 
  • style 
  • out of the woods 
  • all you had to do 
  • shake it off 
  • i wish you would 
  • bad blood 
  • wildest dreams 
  • get the girl 
  • this love
  • i know places
  • clean 

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny" C S LEWIS

Another amazing C S Lewis quote! A good friend and I were discussing this other day. We’re both busy mums facing different challenges, but feeling the call of God to keep on going, extend ourselves… And we encouraged each other with this quote. It’s so easy to despise the hard times… But if we stop, still our spirit and allow the whisper of heaven to breathe on our hearts, we will hear and see the hand of God at work in every season… Preparing us, reining us, working all things for good and for His glory. Love you guys, have an awesome day!


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