Wendy: Well, I can see that I mean it’s you and your backup singers. You’re Davy Hodges and the Lemmings. You should take your act out on the road.

Wendy: You are a liar and an ass. I mean, if you want to go around like Sir Galahad just yanking swords willy-nilly, that it totally your business. But you put all of us at risk here.

Favorite Episode of Season 7 “Lab Rats” Bonus points for Wendy’s witty comebacks. 


CSI: Beacon Hills AU.  Sheriff Stilniski heads the force and Derek’s one of his broody “lone wolf” detectives (ha!). Stiles and Scott work in the lab (when they’re not getting on Derek’s very last nerve) and Lydia’s the medical examiner. 

Scott is all dirty because Stiles somehow managed to talk him into being the one to comb through three dumpsters worth of trash looking for evidence. :D

A little fan art I made, inspired by: (x) and (x

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  • CSIRO:*invents aeroguard*
  • CSIRO:*invents wireless internet*
  • CSIRO:*invents world's first effective influenza treatment*
  • CSIRO:*invents polymer plastic bank notes*
  • CSIRO:*invents the word petrichor*
  • CSIRO:*invents vaccine to prevent animal-human spread of Hendra*
  • CSIRO:*invents extended-wear contact lenses*
  • CSIRO:*invents way of superheating steam with solar panels*
  • Government:Let's cut funding to the CSIRO.