idk why it’s so laughed off that poc kids put up with parental abuse with less support from other poc than whites give other whites regarding parental abuse (tho the state criminalizes the hell out of poc parents for shit it wouldn’t touch if a white parent was doing it—i’m not talking about how whites look at our parents here, i’m talking about other poc).

like my parents hit me occasionally, protected and defended my sexual predator uncle who abused me, and threw me out when i was 14 for being trans and doing drugs. like everyone pretty much agrees that was fucked up and abusive.

but like my other poc friends have been abused in ways fellow poc don’t recognize as abuse. emotional manipulation and constant belittling about their looks, their sexuality, their choice in partners in general, their intelligence, etc.; physical abuse that wasn’t “over the top” like the closed-fist punches to the face i got; invasions of privacy; deprivation (food, transportation to important things (not social or shopping etc., like their own music recitals and college application interviews and stuff)). and ALL of this is abuse or otherwise fucked up.

and i don’t think it’s funny when we look at white kids characterizing their parents doing the same thing as abuse. they’re usually right—they ARE being abused. and so were we.

and i feel like it contributes to how we collectively do little about this to help kids of color. instead we laugh it off like talking about parental abuse is a white thing and we shouldn’t do it.

i’m not fucking okay with this trope at all. and it’s taken me years to figure out how exactly precisely goodly to articulate it but surprise: 4:30 am is a magic hour.

“The jungles of New Guinea draining to the sea look like neuron tendrils” /via Terry Virts/NASA

ISS Pictures/News Update 25./26. January 2015

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have done more to make our generation crueler than nearly anyone else, because they can get away with it under the guise of “this is satire, duh”, not realizing that poorly-done satire only reinforces the cultural forces it is meant to mock. When 13 year-old-kids are watching South Park, they aren’t tuning in to the little infinitesimally small lessons supposedly being taught, they’re laughing at Timmy being severely disabled, they’re laughing at sexual harassment, they’re laughing at child abuse, they’re laughing at anti-semitism, they’re laughing at people who have had sex reassignment surgery.

And the “satire” is so often pathetically weak. There isn’t a single nativist in this entire country who can’t laugh at a “der takin er jerbs” joke, because those jokes don’t actually rebut or mock the arguments made by people opposed to immigration. It’s just saying a common political phrase in a funny voice. Is that how low the bar for “satire” has been set? There’s occasionally more effective satire on the show, but not nearly enough for it to be defended on the basis of its value as satire.

But if you try to explain any of this to die-hard South Park fans, they’ll completely blow it off. They think that the fact the show upsets me simply means that the show has accomplished its purpose, never actually questioning whether or not that purpose is a worthy one. That’s why the show is so insidious: it wraps itself in this cynical layer of self-containment that prevents it from ever being pointed out for what it is: a detriment to the type of society that any decent person wants to see. South Park is far more dangerous than the Westboro Baptist Church, because South Park is something that people accept and defend.

Our legal action has ended, but I am hopeful that the players’ willingness to contest the unequal playing fields — and the tremendous public support we received during the effort — marks the start of even greater activism to ensure fair treatment when it comes to women’s sports.

Abby Wambach, in a statement released today.

A group of soccer players filed a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination when FIFA and CSA decided that the 2015 Women’s World Cup would be played on artificial turf. Today, the players withdrew their complaint. FIFA and CSA refused to budge on their decision, and the World Cup begins in June.

Earlier this month, Wambach and Marta met with FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke, where they proposed a plan to play the semifinals and finals on real grass, rather than turf. Valcke was not receptive to the plan. “I think FIFA has made their decision and they are sticking to it,” Wambach said.

Tudod...elmondom mi a helyzet. Valahogy, valamikor, valamilyen felfoghatatlan módon a szívembe loptad magad. Néhány hónap elteltével azonban minden megváltozott. Elhittem, amiket mondtál. Nem tudom, hogy miért. Mostanra túlestünk sok mindenen, de idővel egyre egyoldalúbb lett a dolog. Olvastad a Tumblim, láttad a posztot, észrevettem a viselkedéseden. Csak egy a gond: nem valódi. Azért csinálod, mert "kell", hogy meghallgassam a nyavajád akkor is, mikor (érthetően) senki nem kíváncsi már rá. Nem tudom elviselni, amit most csinálunk. Egy folyosón állok, az egyik végén egy nyitott ajtó veled, a másikon egy zárt, ismeretlen. Én pedig már félúton járok a csukott ajtó felé. Nem vetted észre, hogy kimentem. Nem vagyok már neked olyan fontos, mint korábban. Tudod, már nem Te tartasz vissza, hanem az emléked. Volt egy pillanat, amikor azt hittem, mindent helyrehozol, akárcsak eddig, de nem. Hátra kacsintgatok, hogy lássam, ha észreveszed, hogy eljöttem, de tudom magam is, hogy nem. A lábaim pedig csak egyre szaporázzák a lépéseim. Nehéz, én pedig nem tudom, hogy segíthetnék ezen, hiszen ha szólok, hogy hívj vissza... Ha azt jegyzem meg, hogy most elmegyek, elengedsz, mert azt hiszed menni akarok... Hangosan kopogok a talajon, hogy észrevedd, hogy távolodom, de már nem hallasz engem. A körülötted cseverésző, érted roskadozó lányok zajától. El akarom neked mondani, hogy vége, elmegyek, de akkor elengedsz és ez örökre lezárul. Így nyitva van az ajtó, még az utolsó pillanatban utánamrohanhatsz, de tudd, hogyha belépek azon az ajtón, soha többé nem fordulok vissza. Félek elválni tőled, nehéz elmondanom, hogy kihűlt, értelme sincs, de ha ezt bemásolnám neked el sem olvasnád. Jobb esetben győzködnél az ellenkezőjéről, vagy lezárnád egy "Aha, oké."-val én meg csak állnék idétlenül. Szóval, még pislákol bennem a remény, hogy rendbe jöhet, de órák kérdése és inkább vállalom a kínt, mintsem azt, hogy hónapokig szenvedjek, majd Te hagyj ott.

Szépítés nélkül.

Your fave is problematic: Phantom Bway PR/casting team
  • knowingly hired a child molester when they have a large younger audience, and the theatre is near Matilda’s where tons of children are working
  • excused that he is a child molester in a piss poor response saying that he had a good audition and that he hasn’t molested anyone in years
  • do you really need another point?

All About Abuse - Index

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a discussion forum as a companion to this blog so that members can start threads and offer each other support! You don’t have to be following to register of course and everyone is welcome though there are also victim/survivor only boards.

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Robert E. Lee Day- Robert E Lee’s Birthday January 19th

Glass Plate Negative, Miley Collection, Robert E. Lee, 1869

Robert E. Lee’s birthday, also known as Robert E. Lee Day, is a state holiday in some parts of the United States. In some states it is an annual shared state holiday with Martin Luther King Day on the third Monday of January.

Robert E. Lee’s birthday may not be an official public holiday in all states but there are many people who remember his life and achievements on either the third Monday of January or January 19, which is his actual birthday.

Its is a state holiday in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Mississippi. It is a legal day but it is not a paid holiday for state branches or agencies in Florida.

Lee’s Views On Slavery:  “There are few, I believe, in this enlightened age, who will not acknowledge that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil. It is idle to expatiate on its disadvantages. I think it is a greater evil to the white than to the colored race. While my feelings are strongly enlisted in behalf of the latter, my sympathies are more deeply engaged for the former.”

"Is it not strange that the descendants of those Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the Atlantic to preserve their own freedom have always proved the most intolerant of the spiritual liberty of others?"

omnitrixareforkids asked:

On the ca thing again, sorry. For those who don't get it, nobody is denying that some young people seek out sexual contact with adults, but in those situations by law it's the responsibility of the adult to BE AN ADULT and go "nooooooooooooooooooooo"

Yup, and blaming the child for their part in the situation does nothing but create an excuse for the adult so they don’t have to take full responsibility and be held accountable, despite being the only one who can legally consent to sex in that situation.

i just cannot believe

"this RIGHT WING website accused me of molesting my little sister!! they totally twisted my words by posting a word for word excerpt of exactly what i said in my book about molesting my sister"


Yesterday, November 2nd 2014, marked the 14th anniversary of continuous human presence aboard the ISS! What an amazing accomplishment!

In the first picture : (from left to right) Expedition 1 crew members Sergei Krikalev, William Shepherd and Yuri Gidzenko

In the 2nd picture : (from left to right) Expedition 41 crew members Reid Wiseman, Alexander Gerst, Maxim Suraev, Barry Wilmore, Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova

Credit: ISS Research/NASA