Carrot Sauce # 19

Sometimes we are being placed in a situation that we have to wait for quite a long time. Most often than not, for those people who are not used to waiting so long, would probably get pissed after having a few minutes glide off for nothing. And this is true to almost all people that I know, including me.

I have  identified some good and bad spots in waiting. But I want to say more about the positive side of it, because looking in the contrary, I’m sure, most people would only just agree.

We can have a spare time to review our actions that we have taken while in a long wait in order to look for the mistakes that we did and alter it if possible. People manage to do some extra activities while in a queue. Like I, when I’m in a long line with more than a dozen of people ahead of me in an ATM, when I’m in a remote place, I do some reading until my turn to the machine comes.

It talks about patience, yes! It talks about discipline, yes! In either side, yes… it does! What’s the point? I too don’t know. But that’s exactly my question.

How come people get mad when they are kept waiting for several minutes or hours when there are others who suffer more than that but they only endure it? These people suffered an unimaginable agony… the loss of life, loved ones, home, fortune, opportunities and the like—enough pain to make them irascible… blunt… and angry! Instead, they patiently wait ‘til the help that they have been seeking for a long time comes. Til the promises made by those distinguished people happen.

However, I’m afraid that they still have to wait a little longer for these people to wake up and realize to make their promises become a fact.