Killian looking at Emma. (x)

He went from being flirty to being totally lovestruck. It’s so beautiful, because… Emma is his savior. Not just because she is the savior - she really is his savior. She saved him from wasting his life by seeking vengeance and forgetting to live over it. She gave him new hope…


                                             She knew what he wanted, and gave it to him; not words, but a smile of warmth and delight — a smile that said, “I’m yours for the asking; I’m won.” 

                                              When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it…

Emma’s powers are out of control and her fear of hurting loved ones pushes her away from everyone she cares about. In her confusion Emma turns to Gold for help getting her powers under control. Gold tells her about a way to get rid of her powers altogether and Hook tries to put a stop to it.
—  4x08 synopsis (x)

Light in the darkness

Did someone say that Emma is the only light in Killian’s life right now? No? Oh, ok… nevermind then, I’m just making me sad…

As usual let me know what you think! (this was very quick and very much made to shake off stress.)

Nerd Moment: Killian's Pinky Ring

With Killian regaining his hand in this past weeks episode we were privileged to see some new rings on Killian’s left hand. One in particular that stands out is the pinky ring.

Each finger on the hand has a meaning to it. It also has a separate meaning when a ring is worn on that finger. There are many conflicting beliefs behind wearing a ring on the pinky finger. Some say that it represents status and rank. During the Victorian era some believed that a finger on the left pinky meant that a person was uninterested in marriage. Which is funny since some say that it meant you were interested in marriage. Regardless of the conflicting belief a lot more lean towards the pinky meaning open to marriage and love.



From the picture above you can see that the ring is the only one on Killian’s hand. It is a silver ring with a red stone. A ring we have NEVER seen him wear before. I find this very interesting as one meaning for the left pinky finger brings us a chance to meet with a wonderful love. There is even a suggestion on what type of ring to wear. Wearing a red ring or ring with a red stone is meant for the person to bring them success in love. They could have put other rings on Killian’s hand but they didn’t. Killian has meet his love, Emma. There is no one else for him. It is because of her that he allowed himself to be the good man he once was and not the pirate he was when he lost his hand. Having the ring on a finger meaning interest in marriage means that Killian is ready for all that comes with being in love with Emma. 

What makes it even more interesting is that the ring is one the reattached hand. The hand he lost while in love with Milah but which was sans ring.



Stretching this idea a bit we can take this as Killian did love Milah but was not ready for the type of love and commitment that he is for Emma. As well as bring love in, a ring on the left pinky means deepening the bond of love between two people. Killian wanted his hand back to be more intimate with Emma. Intimacy is just a way to strengthen a relationship that is being formed or at a pivotal point. Oddly enough wanting to strengthen a relationship is another meaning for wearing a pinky ring. By placing this ring on such a relationship tied finger the viewer is lead to see how much Killian wants to be with Emma. We even see what the future will have for them.



Intertwined fingers and a perfect shot of a red ring on a finger meaning interest in marriage makes us start to think of a future CS marriage. There was no need to place a ring on that hand. We are meant to focus on this ring. There is an importance behind that can possibly come into play in the CS storyline later down the road. Whether the ring being placed on that finger to symbolize rank or a marriage proposal down the road one thing we do know is that this is something Killian wants and is ready for. Emma is his true love because if it was just some ring we would have seen him wearing it with Milah.