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Views of the Hidden Beach, located on the Marieta Islands in Peurto Vallarta.  This secluded paradise, with its sandy beaches and crystal clear warm water, is believed to have formed decades ago when it was used as target practice by the Mexican Government in the early 1900s. (Source)

Younger Self Gem Elixir

-purified cold water
-Rose Quartz
-rose petals

Rose Quartz is an amazing gem, and it’s safe to drink it’s charged water! I let the gem soak in the jar for an entire day, along with the Rose petals. I removed them and put it in the fridge overnight. It’s a cool refreshing drink that will help you get in touch with younger self and will strengthen the bond significantly. :)

anonymous asked:

Neil i need your help. I was feeding my chameleon today and a water gel crystal was stuck to one of the egg carton, and my chameleon ate it!! I'm really scared that it will absorb his stomach fluids and could kill him. I on't know what today, he has a constant drip system and I misted him a lot today, but all my local herp vets are closed. Would they even be able to take it out?? Do you have any advice or can you direct me to a 24/hr hotline or something????? :'(

I am not an expert but until you can get him to a vet I think he will be ok if he has plenty of access to fluids. You can also try feeding him a little bit of olive oil through a dropper to help pass it through faster

Some planned Converter Creature types under the cut - I have plenty ideas, I just refrain from making new batches until at least half of the last batch has sold. That recently happened, so a new batch will be on its way soon.

Which ones I pick to make each time are pretty much wildcards of what I feel like drawing at the time.

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In the Pond | ©nawapa  (Five Colour Pond, Zechawa Valley, Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area, Nanping County, Sichuan Province, Southwestern China)

The Five-Colour Pond, or Wucai Chi, is a lake famous for its crystal clear water and richly colored underwater landscape. This is due to the aquatic lifeforms that inhabit the water and the varying percentage of chlorophyll, together with a high concentration of travertine [1].