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I was tagged by: supreme-goddess-of-the-galaxy
What’s your name: Michaela / Mike
Nicknames: I’m not really sure, I don’t get called by any of them all that often
Where are you from: Nebraska
What is your favorite color: Pastel or sunset colors.
Write something in all caps: BUTTS
Favorite artist/band: Stromae
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Crushing on: The Bae walterobotics
Reason to smile: Fluffy baby animals
Favorite season: Winter
Number: 1090
Favorite drink: Coffee
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[Log] Crystal - Day 2

I don’t know what it was, but I’m sure it was all due to water weight… I lost 3.5 pounds all in one day. No, I didn’t starve myself. In fact, I ate pretty heartily.. I even went out for chicken wings, and I got hungry late at night, so I whipped up some cabbage/onions. I also weighed myself at the same time in the morning. BTW, sorry about the SUPER close-up on my first pic - totally awkward LOL. I backed up a little bit today HAHA.

Whatever, I don’t care :) It’s progress and it’s encouraging. I know that it’ll slow down significantly, but I’m expecting it, so I won’t get discouraged. Please ignore my shirt; it’s my PJ’s. Since I don’t have school/work for a month, I’m clearly not dressed to impress anyone :(

Anyway, this day hasn’t been too bad just because I have done it before. I’m trying to find different ways to keep myself sane and not think about “dieting”. And as many of you know, that means finding new and innovative “paleo” recipes that replace everyday common foods. This is what I made today! 

Turkey Sliders with Zucchini Buns


The time is 2015. The place, Camp Crystal Lake.

Imagine log cabins set back in the trees, picnic tables, a small dock sticking out into a lake surrounded by deep woods, a few rowboats and canoes. There were a thousand places just the same, but Camp Crystal Lake was just a little bit…different.

After 27 long years of standing idle, the camp had finally been reopened for the summer. Most of the counselors had spent the morning sweeping and cleaning, and storing out supplies. Most of the work was finished. They’d all been at it for about a week, and none of them was a stranger anymore. A few had also gotten very friendly with the children. All that was left was to enjoy the summer, roam in the woods, relax, have fun, and perhaps even have a summertime rommance.

What could go wrong?

Ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma

you-once-were-mine replied to your photoset “New levels up in Legacy, continuing the main storyline!  These are…”

How do you have 82 time crystals.

Whenever I log into Facebook in the morning, I open Legacy in another tab and let it load while I go over FB.  Then I log into Legacy–every 5 days, you get 2 Time Crystals.

I actually had a whole lot more–over 100, but I shelled out 25 of them trying to get past the pixel levels.  Those things were incredibly difficult for me since Ten and One are the Doctors I use least often, so I’m just not used to them.  I’m much, much better with Two and Three–Two especially, because he can convert a lot of gems for a quick sweep, and his cooldown time is only 10 matches (7 if you have the cooldown reduction perk active like I do).

[Log] Crystal - are we done yet!?

Day 1

Um it’s like 16 hours into the Whole30 challenge, and I’m craving some chips and candy… 

If there wasn’t $100 on the line, I’d be all up in the snacks aisle in Ralphs right now. 

Breakfast was awesome though ;) 


How do I stop them cravings??

[Log] Whole30 Challenge - Begins!

Vencci, Cara, and I (Crystal) have decided to start the Whole30 Challenge. No one’s probably gonna read this but we don’t give a shit. Anywho, aside from our lack of audience, we are basically publicizing our diet challenge. Once variance from the original challenge, however, is that we are allowed to choose one food product that is not “paleo-approved”. 

Here’s our legit point system: 
+1 = eating a paleo-approved meal
+0 = allowed cheat meal
-1 = any additional cheated meals more than what is allowed that week


#1 - does nothing
#2 - pays #1 - $50
#3 - pays #1 - $100 

[Log] Crystal - Paleo Faleo.. NOT

Day 2

Day 2 bitchesss WHOLE30 ain’t got nothing on me. Am I supposed to be exercising during this challenge? o_O

DISCOVERY #1: BREAKFAST IS IMPORTANT. I’ve discovered that a hearty breakfast (ie eggs, bacon, turkey sausages) can really keep me full for quite a while

That’s a pretty crucial thing for me, because I’m a hoarder of food. I can eat food straight up 24/7.. literally. My mind is filled with thoughts of food, and I can eat a snack equivalent to a meal and get hungry an hour later. So finding that a good plentiful breakfast can fill me up has been super helpful. It also helps me stay up in class :) 

Someone who’s had a good breakfast VS someone who didn’t

eatcho brekfuhst wake yo ass uppp

[Log] Crystal - To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

Day 12

So.. I’ve pretty much gotten used to eating Paleo after a week and a half on Whole30 Challenge with Cara and Vencci. Before, when I got hungry and didn’t eat right away, I would crave unhealthier food more and more as I got more and more hungry. But now, I pretty much don’t even give a shit anymore. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve trained by body well….. or if it’s because there’s $150 on the line in our competition…

Almost halfway through, and I’m coming out ahead right now in our Whole30 Point System!!

Should I cheat and or should I keep going for 18 more days? :)

Haven’t been really logging my food recently, so I’ll start picking up on that more, but guess what I ate yesterday that was totally Paleo (I don’t recommend it though)??

BTW, if anyone wants to compete with their friends with dieting/paleo/whole30, just respond or message us and we can send the point system sheet to you!

Remember, these lifestyle changes are always easier with friends :)