Stone - Peridot

Colour: Green
Energies: Healing and Prosperity

Magical Properties

- Peridot is often used for protection. Supposedly dreaming about Peridot is a warning against danger. The stone can be used to keep away negative energy and emotions, and aid in shielding. It’s especially effective in this while worn.
- It’s a great stone for moving past negative emotions. It can be used to help one release unhealthy attachments and addictions. It is often used to alleviate depression and anxiety. It brings about rebirth and renewal, lessens anger and jealousy, and raises self worth.
- Because of this the stone is often used to bring about emotional and spiritual growth. From this, the stone is used to improve harmony and compassion between relationships of all kinds. It fosters openness, realisation, self awareness, and mental clarity.
- Peridot has strong ties to abundance, success, and wealth. Used in spells and charms it will bring prosperity, and aid finance and business.
- Because of its healing properties it’s associated with the heart chakra.
- Regarding spirituality, Peridot can strengthen psychic abilities, be used as a visionary stone, and raise self and spiritual awareness.