I read about Oregon’s cryptids so now I’m obsessed with them.

Colossal Claude roamed the Columbia River for decades before sightings died out in the late ’60s. His description is very similar to the more famous Caddy, with a horse/camel-like head, long body, and flippers. Fortunately, although nobody has seen Claude in years, a newer monster has appeared in the Columbia, dubbed Marvin the Monster. Proving that Oregon likes to name it’s mythical sea monsters after their uncles and grandfathers.


Hello Again, Internet

It’s been a while.

I’ve been state-hoppin’ and convention-coverin’ and production office workin’ and reportin’ non-stop since July, but now the schedule is calming down and I’m back to share my incoherent ramblings with my devoted followers (i.e. bored people who have accidentally found the site and then suffer a heart attack so they can’t raise their arm to navigate away from this page). I’m working on a lot of new projects between my ongoing cryptozoology painting series and a comic book, so to give you guys a taste take a look below!

Thanks internet, and good to be back.

The Loch Ness monster has moved to Alaska. It appears that Alaska has it’s own version of the legendary sea monster.



claim that a video shot by an Alaskan fisherman in 2009 may prove that an ancient creature called the Cadborosaurus may still exist. In the video you can clearly see that the animal breathes as it shoots out water out a hole out the back of it’s head.

The footage of the creature will appear on the new Discovery Channel show called “Hillstranded.”

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NAMASTE YOGA- This class dedicated to end violence against women. It is an aspiration practice where we strive for a world without violence. In yoga we call this ahimsa or loving kindness. In this class we honour all women who are living in situations of violence and oppression, those who have survived abuse and assault, those who have spoken against their oppressors, those who remain in silence, and all of us in the world who come together collectively to offer our support to end violence and offer our support, strength, courage and loving kindness in the world. This class contains no savasana, no lying backbends or excessive hip openers. I have done my best to eliminate poses that I think would be too vulnerable or send women into past or present trauma. This class focuses on helping women find their voice by opening up the throat chakra. Through this voice may we speak up publicly, in confidence and may we respect the right to choose silence. Also in this class we will practice poses to help us find our courage, strength and know that we are worthy of love.

Jefferson Bethke- What if sometimes the wilderness isn’t a curse, but a blessing?


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