cryomura said:

I'm worried that your hatred of 4chords has gone to new levels and you've actually started enjoying it without realizing.

if that happens im deleting my blog and then deleting my life

cryomura said:

Name your favorite series from each one of the creatures c:

To be honest,I like ALL of the Creatures but the only Creatures I watch a lot is James,Sly,and Danz. So….

James - Happy Wheels

Sly - Homiecraft

Danz - GTA IV

cryomura said:

How many people do you think have followed you thinking you're a 4chords fan blog, and then unfollowing you since this is a hate blog?

dude i dont even know

it says everywhere in my info that i hate 4chords

it was really funny when my url was 4chordsfandom though omg everyone took me seriously

and i still have the url fuckyeah4chords but im afraid to use it because EVERYONE WILL TAKE ME SERIOUSLY