And it’s at 3 AM, when my cheeks are stained with tears and the blankets fail to provide me with the same warmth you always did, that I can hear my heart beating to the rhythm of your name.
—  i will never stop missing you


You look at me as if you think I’m weak,
as the tears pool around me on the floor.
Secretly wishing they’d swallow me under,
so I wouldn’t have to fight this fight anymore.

Every single time I tell you the truth,
we end up having the same frivolous fight.
Maybe I should just learn to lie a bit better,
so that just once we could have a good night.

But I don’t ever cry because I am weak,
nor shed these tears just to get my own way.
Perhaps the reason I cry is because I’ve been hurt,
and I must release all the troubles kept at bay.

It’s like touching something you know is hot,
even though you know that its heat will burn.
I guess you have to find out the truth for yourself,
and take note of all the lessons that you learn.

Some people mistake crying for being weak,
but I know that my tears bring me strength.
Breaking down every single wall that I’ve built,
so that I can keep all the dangers at arm’s length.
—  Vulnerability, © 2015 Sarah Marie Pardy