i love ginny to the moon and back, but i want ya’ll to know that its completely okay to cry if you’re sad, happy, feeling miserable or generally disappointed with life in general because that’s literally the most poisonous shit about jkr’s portrayal of ginny, that she rarely cried and harry liked that about her. i don’t want little girls and grown women to think that crying makes them inferior/unlikeable/weak. crying and mental or physical strength are literally mutually exclusive pls do not ever think that crying makes you weak because honestly it doesn’t

:re chapter 30 - Hinami/Sasaki side

Hinami: (So… someone tell me… Is this person only a mere <vessel>?
Even if he’s empty.. even if he doesn’t remember me… The container for his soul is nowhere but here so I… will protect this person.
I won’t let him fight alone anymore.)

Hinami’s kagune looks very strong, 4 rinkaku. She cuts up Takizawa but he regenerates and then goes Owl mode.

Sasaki regains consciousness.

Sasaki: Ua… (This girl.. Protected… me?)

Kaneki’s voice: (Choose, choose)


Takizawa is beating Hinami while saying complete nonsense (kakuja(?) = crazy)

Hinami: (If I get defeated here, for what did I even leave Banjou-san and the rest?
Oniichan, I will protect you)

Sasaki’s eyes flutter open.

Sasaki: It’s okay already…
I’m not <the person you used to know>, so please… leave.
Even if my body is <Kaneki Ken>, I am Sasaki Haise, so…
Ah.. but… being looked out for like this… Kaneki-kun must have been..
Cerainly, a wonderful person, huh.

He walks towards Seidou, while both Saiko and Hinami beg him to stop.

Hinami: (This person… is not a <vessel>.)

Sasaki: ..It’s okay, even if I disappear.
So, give me the power to protect.

He mutters, looks up, and cracks his finger.

Hinami: (Even without memory… Sasaki Haise (This person) is Kaneki Ken (Onii-chan).)

the tears running down my cheeks
have never swayed the sea


how they have calmed the storm
and silenced the beast.

do not take them as emotional sacrifice,
holding them selfishly, childishly

we see the stains on your hands
your veins cry out to me.

i have seen you
in all of your filth and deceit

and yet

i still hunger for every bone in your being,
i still cry out for the weight your words carry.

they are mine
they are mine

and anyone else
is just wasted breath.

—  Michelle K., pittsburgh.