Why Are the Signs Crying?

Aries: probably lost a fight tbh
Taurus: a lot of shit thrown their way and they’re angry crying and killing someone at the same time they’re scary omg
Gemini: something to do with their partner I’m sure
Cancer: their TV series is over
Leo: they’re in love with someone who ain’t havin it
Virgo: tbh probably lonely or something
Libra: their selfie didn’t come out
Scorpio: their celeb didn’t tweet them back. Or they did and they’re excited. Idk
Sagittarius: they’ve been dealt a shitty life and they’re gonna go back to heaven and get a new one because fuck you
Capricorn: there’s nothing new on the radio
Aquarius: lord only knows what it is this time
Pisces: that really annoying person sat next to them in the assembly


Kendall in the wings after forgetting a section of her solo…

Did anyone else notice that when Kendall started to cry the cameramen kept trying to zoom in her face and she kept turning around and giving them her back? I mean, it must be really annoying having people follow you the whole day and not being able to even be upset in peace.