Cry for Help // Regina + Zoe

Who: Regina & Zoe

Where: Regina’s House

When: Three weeks after Regina and Killian’s one night stand.

Notes: None

The former mayor looked at her calendar. Five days. She was five days late. I’m never late. It had been three weeks since her one night stand with Killian, something she’d tried hard to forget.

She scowled at the calendar. I can’t be pregnant. I’m barren. Her inability to bear a child as Queen made her certain of that fact. But it could have been because of him. In that land they didn’t have the same medical knowledge. If children weren’t borne, it was the woman’s fault. There wasn’t scientific knowledge of fertility. Besides, she’d become pregnant by Jefferson…

But even when she had become pregnant, she’d miscarried so early. She hadn’t even missed a period. She’d just lost it. The Queen bit her lip nervously as a hand met her stomach. She might be carrying Captain Hook’s child.

But she couldn’t very well go out and buy a pregnancy test without the entire town finding out. One of the downfalls of living in such a small town. Especially one where everyone enjoyed gossiping.

Fortunately for Regina, she had gained a few friends since starting on the road to redemption. And the first person who entered her mind was Zoe, so she picked up her cell and called the former Corpse Bride.

post massage, still feeling unfulfilled & on the verge of sick. this is the most vulnerable you’ll ever see me. no filter, no make up, not sure of anything anymore. #GreasyBangs #CryForHelp

I want to find somebody,
Skin within skin
Breathe within your veins
Love your insides
Feeling your organs as they-
Submit to me
And I to them
Conducting an orchestry of us
A play
A myth
A methodology
How we belong together-
You and I
Belonging more together-
Than as one-
I can’t do alone

(Cradle me)

(Cradle me)



I will be taking my first solo road trip this weekend. I’m going to Charlotte, N.C.

I need a play list…….I need songs that’s gonna make me shake my butt the entire 6 hours that I have to ride it out. Can you guys help me out??????????? yes ALL Down South rap is welcomed !!!!!

when you become the dealer because you gotta deal with their slow ass self. “I’ll hit you up soon.” LIES. ALSO movie idea starring Paul Rudd as Slenderman, who works in PR for celebrities in controversy called “Slanderman.” #cryforhelp