Rant Time

why is it that once a youtuber starts making money, a bunch of people have a shit fit  like “OH MY GAWD THEYRE SELLING OUT FUCKING GREEDY BASTARDS”


actually no you ignorant dildos youtubers are people too. they need to put food on the table just like you or me.

It’s like, they want youtubers to upload content everyday, two videos a day, but oh no no youtubers gotta do it for free.


then how do they make a living? how would they pay rent? buy food? pay for water, electricity, ect? oh sure they could get a real world job right? IF THEY GOT ANOTHER  JOB THEY  WOULDNT BE LETTING OUT THAT HELLA RAD CONTENT NOW WOULD THEY. and lets be honest here, the instant someone like Cryaotic, PewDiePIe, CinnamonToastKen, or any other youtuber starts letting out like two videos a week, people would lose their shit and start bitching pretty damn fast


im just saying to all those people who bitch about the money pewdie makes or how Cry put up a donation thing on his page, stop and remember they put those videos out for your benefit. they’re trying to make a living doing what they like just like the rest of us. if you want them to stop making money, then you better step the fuck back and shut up if they start letting out less content. it enrages me when ppl send hate because they think that youtubers should be sitting back, letting out videos without earning anything. 

they have bills to pay. they have lives. so shut the fuck up please and let this sink in for a little while. Thank you.


OK So back when Cry was still playing Catherine, I wanted to do fanart for him cuz the game’s all stellar and shit but I never got around to finishing it bc I’m lazy as hell and this is really all that I did and I’m just going to upload it bc I like it.

Will I ever finish the thing, I don’t know.
But have this, and that’s that. Peace.


3 Year Anniversary Stream Tonight [10/31/2014]

I think what makes Cry one of my favourite YouTubers is the fact that even though I don’t always agree with him on certain things and even though I’m not always interested in some of the content he uploads, I still have mad respect for him and will continue to support his videos no matter what because he seems like such a chill, candid guy. I feel like he’s the type of dude you could go for a drink with and have a mature debate/conversation about random shit in life.

Or you know, he could be a complete and utter asshole in actuality, thus making everything I said a complete load of bullshit.