Lichens: Botanicals Naturalists Overlook

Lichens: Botanicals Naturalists Overlook

“Consider the Lichen. Lichens are just about the hardiest visible organisms on Earth, but the least ambitious.” – Bill Bryson

Lichens are very interesting when it comes to the silent natural world. Instead of being dumb, timeless decoration on rocks and trees, consider this: over the ages this blend of fungus and algae has evolved from scavenging and invading molds, mildews, mushrooms and other…

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fierymenstrualred asked:

Hi! Do you have Lichens of the North Woods? If so, would you recommend it?

Yes it’s one of the four I referred to! (others are Spiders otNW, Insect oNE, Mushrooms oNE)

Yes I would definitely recommend it, but it’s not perfect. I feel like I need to get a lichen expert with me on a nature walk to help me understand how to read it. I like the simple ID style: on soil/rock/wood X crustose/foliose/fruticose but there are many exceptions that don’t fit into that matrix. Short answer: yes. Not much else that even tries to do the same thing.