We Are Santa’s Elves

We Work Hard All Day

But Our Work Is Play

Rugby Gets Our Tries Out

See If The Opposition Cries Out!

Drew Mitchell And Matt Giteau Make Fine Santa’s Little Helpers, But…

Would Like To See Them Stuffed In My Stocking, Mates!

anonymous asked:

Who are your tumblr crushes?

W-Well, it’s about time everyone knows o////o Here is a list of beautiful people seriously look at their stupidly beautiful faces and why I especially like them

kaid-aniki: THE MIKU AND BLS YOU DREW FOR ME hhhhhhH

randomrangerblue: for reblogging literally 100% of my selfies. 

nulyu: the best boyfriendu ever

crystalhardted: look at her fucking Annie cosplay DO IT its so good it’s scary

eikkibunny: A+ cosplayer 

shikarius: For putting up with my puns 

hitlerotica: *creepywinkyface.jpg* naw’mean? 

  • What I mean:Damnit I like you and I'm kinda confused and a little disappointed but also kinda hopeful at the same time which is dumb and feelings are dumb and you can totally text me whenever because I'll still be here falling for you because I'm a desperate piece of shit
  • What I say:Ok cool
they tell you that
the first time you fall in love
it will be magical.
they’re right.
you will meet someone with
marble eyes and every time your hands meet
you’ll feel like you’re dancing in the rain
while somehow staying dry.
all of the cliches will ring true.
the first time you fall in love,
it will be magical.
but no one ever tells you
that the second or the
third or the
fourth time
will be so much more than cliches,
it will be like a hurricane
it will be not noticing the sunset
it will be rooftops and bluebonnets and stars
it will be indescribable
it will be nothing like you expected.
you will never forget your first,
no matter how hard you try,
but it will not feel so fairytale anymore.
when love happens again
you won’t want to blink
because you’re too scared you’ll miss it,
but you can fall in love over and over and
each time can be more special than the last.
when the magic disappears,
hold out for the unexpected and the unpredictable.
—  it’s not all about the first time: caroline builta