What’s the point of living if you’re going to drown yourself with cheap whiskey?

why bother to rise if you’re just going to sink back down again?

just let go

slip into a river of fire and contempt

that’s all you’re worth

that’s what you’ve been and that’s all you’ll be

you’re scum and I despise you

but I miss you and I need you

you and I form such a bond

only death can release

now roll over and wallow in your own pity

that’s right, the way you’ve always been

to weak to change, just drink it away

spxrk - it’s the normal tumblr app for Droids

godform- i don’t see the point, degrees are becoming worthless, everyone has one. and I’m not interested in what a university could teach me. trade school is something i will do. i attended a welding for the novice class last night

cruge- yes sadly, this is what my life has been reduced to, mobile blogging

stetsicle- i know that one freaked me out