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What's Your Diagnosis, #8? The Case of the Dishrag Dog, Part 2

Part 1’s history is here - check it out!

Bella is a 7-year-old spayed female Shih-Tzu mix with a chronic history of severe ear infections and allergies.   She is currently very lethargic, has ear and eye infections, and the petsitter is worried she is in pain.

More history for those who asked for it:

The petsitter has not given any additional medications. Bella has not eaten for 3 days.  She has not been defecating for 3 days.  The petsitter reports that Bella has urinary incontinence and urinates in her bed, which the owner had not mentioned to her, but they are not sure if that is a new problem or not.  Bella is not walking at all today, they are concerned that she is painful because she does not want to get up.  Bella is normally on a diet of raw ground beef and beef broth mixed with kibble. 

Physical Exam Findings:

Temperature: 102.1  Pulse: 80 bpm  Respirations: 30/min

Capillary refill time: >3 seconds  Body condition: 3/9

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