redwarriorprincess asked:

Name three movies you'll never watch, no matter how many times they ask you to do so.

  1. Any Love stories
  2. Any Disney sing a long crud (Basically any musicals what so ever)
  3. Fantasy stuff, like Lord of the rings/Harry Pothead or Star trek/wars


(Your name is Karkat Strider, you’re FIFTEEN NOW and you have EXTREMELY VOLATILE EMOTIONS that lead you to say things you will INEVITABLY LATER REGRET.  What will you do?)

(Karkat: Get in screaming match and have massively regretful emotional breakdown.)

No guys but W.E.P.T. tho. 8)

I think UFUT/WEPT don’t get as much spur of the moment feedback (i.e. people wailing over them loudly and talking about ruined lives) because they don’t cause you massive amounts of cathartic visceral misery, they put you in a happy bittersweet dazey trance of pure, fluffy joy.  They’re awesome and I love them. <3