Created by the ever-so-fabulous ghostie-pie:

”hello, friends! You have been cordially invited to participate in a sort of movement/project/experiment i’ve devised. I’m calling my initiative #thisisnotaccessibility; the rules are simple. when you’re out and about (especially if you live in a big city, but this can be applicable anywhere), keep your eyes peeled for examples of poorly executed/half-assed/cursory accessibility.

[the word “accessibility”, in this context, simply applies to anything that’s meant to improve the public existence of people with disabilities. it can apply to physical changes made to buildings, transportation, etc., to make them accessible for people who have difficulty with mobility, sight, or hearing. OR it can apply to less tangible resources put in place, such as disability services/IEPs in schools, in order to help those with less clear-cut disabilities, like learning difficulties.]

Whenever you spot an example of lazy “accessibility”, document it. If it’s a poorly placed ramp, photograph it. If it’s a ridiculous policy, write a post about it. Post your findings to whatever social media site(s) you prefer and tag them with #thisisnotaccessibility. You don’t have to be disabled in order to participate in this; in fact, the more able-bodied folks, the merrier. I don’t have an end date for this because i’d like for it to be ongoing.”

Thank you in advance for your participation in this project. It’s time to start a conversation.”

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