Crowolf - A Most Striking Instance Of Ectoplasmic Emanation, 2008  Photography

Blind Billy Palmer, The Boy Medium. Believed to be a plate for “An Investigation of Spiritualism Amongst The Peoples of The Border Regions of Scotland By The Author of A Pictorial History of Human Oddities, Being A Richly Illustrated Presentation of Anatomical Curiosities in Human Nature. William T. Crozier”

The "Bobby Ball Bag" Is Here And It Absolutely Must Be Stopped

The “Bobby Ball Bag” Is Here And It Absolutely Must Be Stopped

1. Do you remember how Bobby Norris from The Only Way Is Essex introduced the asymmetric man-thong and changed the game, but not for the better?

Sayen CroWolf


@stevepena1: Can we all agree. These never look cute. – Bobby Cole Norris in Marbella ” I’m so embarrassed for them

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