Signs making flower crowns


- goes out alone to find enough flowers, though they end up having a lot more and so they share them with pisces and taurus

taurus - lies down on the grass and takes the flowers from aries instead of getting up, because the sun feels nice on their skin. Takes a while to start making a crown but once they do they spend a long time on it and it turns out beautiful, though they won’t let Leo wear it

gemini - is the one who came up with the idea and got everyone out to the field. They run through the field to find all the best flowers, and upon finding that they have a lot of excess flowers, showers them over pisces. They don’t rest the entire time, but it’s okay, because they’re the ones who finished early and are keeping spirits high

cancer - is sitting down in a spot of dappled shade and leaning scorpio with pisces laying across their lap. Would be focused on making the crown if it weren’t for scorpio. Is very calm and happy, as they are surrounded by all their friends and it’s peaceful. They make their crown out of daisies

leo - declares they will make the best crown, though when they start to make it it keeps breaking and they refuse to ask the others for help. They put it down, and focus instead on talking to the others and modelling their finished crowns, high spirited regardless. In the end virgo makes them their own crown, and they wear it for the rest of the week like the queen they are

virgo - makes the best crown, though they still aren’t completely happy with it. They try to help leo but their help is repeatedly rejected, so they end up making leo a crown on their own instead, with rose petals in it

libra - spends the longest time choosing between flowers. They make their crown the most gracefully, with barely a breakage or mistake. They also settle down virgo and leo, since virgo keeps trying to interfere and help leo make their crown

scorpio - sitting in the sun by the shade patch where cancer is, since they don’t feel like making a flower crown. Observing cancer and teasing them in a friendly way about their funny little actions and the odd things they say. They’re more relaxed and happy then they’d like to admit.

saggitarius - explores as far as they can and doesn’t come back until everyone has finished making their crowns, but when they do come back everyone is about to leave so they make their crown in the car ride back. Meanwhile, gemini steals their flowers to throw at the others and cancer plaits the prettier flowers into pisces hair

capricorn - quietly makes flower crowns out of their favourite flowers, and is the one who drove them all there and back and found a place for them to make the flower crowns

aquarius - makes the most intricate of all the crowns, so that rather than a circlet it actually goes upwards in fancy patterns. Somehow also manages to fold leaves to make them look like jewels and puts them into purposefully left spaces in the crown. Stubbornly refuses to give their crown to leo who wants it, a lot, and so they hide it under capricorn’s car seat where leo doesn’t think to look

pisces - makes a small but pretty flower crown while lying across cancer, using the flowers that gemini threw over them. Once they’re finished they just kind of lean back and look at the sky and the clouds, making shapes out of them and stories to match cause their minds are beautiful like that


ClassicCatherine’s favorite crowns/tiaras (in no particular order);

The Swedish Aquamarine Bandeau, The Danish Midnight Tiara,

The Dutch Diamond Bandeau, The Swedish Cameo Tiara,

The Swedish Amethyst Tiara, The Spanish Floral Tiara,

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, Monaco’s Ocean Tiara


I made some new waist chains.  I like how they accent and balance out a lot of lolita dresses that tend to be very top heavy in details.

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