Are you a gamer? Would you like to beta test an upcoming fighting game? Well come check out Demigod Crazh!

A dream project of my friends, and mine. To checkout the game’s art work visit>

I had the honour to participate in a charity project called Imaginoterapia: a fantasy artbook filled with illustrations by 41 spanish artists. All the benefits will go to Juegaterapia, a foundation that helps children struggling with cancer.

Now, the crowfunding is on, and we need all your support to fund this project! Click on the image to go to the funding page. Please, please spread the word around the internet and, if you can, help us out. All contributions, even the smallest ones, will do a lot <3 Thanks in advance!

Hace un par de días por fin se inició el crowfunding de Imaginoterapia, un libro de ilustraciones de fantasía en el que participamos 41 artistas españoles, sin ánimo de lucro. Los beneficios irán a la asociación Juegaterapia, que ayuda a los niños en hospitales a sobrellevar el cáncer.

Todo aporte, por pequeño que sea, es de gran ayuda y significa mucho. ¡También os agradeceremos mucho si compartís la noticia, para que llegue a cuánta más gente mejor!


Pequeño preview de mi aporte a este genial proyecto!

"Imaginoterapia es un libro de ilustraciones creado por el equipo de la revista Inari y un nutrido grupo de artistas de nuestro panorama nacional, para ayudar a la asociación Juegaterapia. Es más que un libro de ilustraciones :es ilusión, ganas de ayudar y, sobre todo, de sacar una sonrisa."
Para conocer más a fondo y apoyar en el crowfunding ve a la siguiente dirección :

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Bearded Man wants Navdy, Next Gen Tech in Your Car [VIDEO]

Have you ever gone to a car show and been envious of all the cool high tech gadgetry in new cars today?  Well a new HeadUp display (HUD) called Navdy is aiming to change that.

The aim of the people behind Navdy is to bring next generation HeadUp (HUD) displays to any car that is equipped with an OBD2 port.  That means you can roll in style with current car tech without actually have to go buy a new set of wheels.  Since the average age of cars on American roads is 11 years, it ain’t a bad idea.  Of course… these units haven’t actually gone on sale yet and the company is resorting to usual crowfunding creativity to get the Navdy into the hands of consumers.

Right now they are trying to raise money to actually bring the Navdy to market.  You can pre-order a Navyd unit within 30 days of the below video’s posting (August 5th) at the “introductory price” of $299.  This is a 40% discount from its expected retail price of $499.  That means it could cost more than $499.  If you are an early Navdy backer though you can get $30 for for each friend you refer that buys a Navdy.  If you refer 10 people and they buy one, you get a Navdy unit for free.

In essence this is a good idea but who is going to recommend a product they haven’t actually used?  Sounds a bit like Elio Motors funding shenangins but don’t get me wrong I do actually hope this is successful.  If the Navdy does come to market I might actually considering using one.  Poor auto journalists certainly get many opportunities to drive new cars, but we can’t afford to buy new cars.  Therefore my in car tech is sort of old, ya know.

For a better explanation of Navdy and how it works you can watch this bearded man (Doug Simpson, Navdy’s CEO), that looks like he could benefit from some running, explain it in more detail.

Navdy – HUD Display

Navdy announced on 8/5 a breakthrough Head­Up Display (HUD) aftermarket car console that allows drivers to access their smartphone’s apps while keeping their eyes on the road. Navdy combines a high quality projection display with voice and gesture controls to create a safer, highly intuitive driving experience. Combining advanced display technology with touch­less controls means drivers no longer need to fumble around with their phone to navigate, communicate or control their music.

Navdy is the world’s first in­car platform that offers:

1. Breakthrough display technology: Projects a bright transparent image directly within your field of vision that appears to float six feet in front of your windshield, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while simultaneously seeing navigation instructions or incoming phone calls. The device comes with advanced dimming and stabilization controls, to optimize usability in any driving conditions.

2. Car­tailored Interface: When your smartphone apps appear on Navdy they are purposely simplified to show you only what you need, when you need it, and minimize distractions. Your navigation will not disappear when a call comes in; Navdy will display both notifications and navigation at the same time in a split screen. Visual elements such as image complexity, placement, or font size, are consistent across apps to make the user experience pleasant and predictable.

3. Voice and gesture controls: You’ll never need to look away from the road to use Navdy. Your app’s simplified Navdy menus can be navigated with intuitive hand gestures. Voice recognition captures more complex commands and text message responses. Navdy’s noise cancellation and wide angle gesture sensors are specifically designed to create an optical driving experience.

4. Works in any car: The device mounts on a flexible footer that fits on practically any car dashboard, and is powered by plugging in to the onboard computer (OBD II port), available in all cars produced since 1996. This makes the only required cord less intrusive, while providing car status information to the Navdy processor.

5. With all the Apps you need: Navdy works with popular navigation apps like Google Maps to display turn­by­turn directions; it controls your music apps like Spotify, Pandora, or Google Music; it reads or displays notifications from text messages or social media apps, fully controlled by its Parental Control settings; and it displays car alerts such as true­speed, miles­to­empty, or battery­voltage from its access to the car’s computer.

6. Portable and compatible: Navdy works with iPhone (iOS 7+) and Android (4.3+) smartphones, and can move easily to another car or another smartphone. Once a Navdy has been paired over bluetooth for the first time, it can share data with your phone over wifi. Navdy does not require it’s own data subscription service. Initial device dashboard placement takes 60­90 seconds. Slightly longer if you read instructions.

Sam Ruggieri from Voyager Games loves MMORPGs, but in the many years he’s been playing them he’s seen a bit of a trend. Though the NPCs aren’t playable characters, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t …

This project has been my favorite to cover so far. Sam Ruggieri is one swell guy with big dreams for The Far Reaches. Since the end of the campaign, The Far Reaches has made some outstanding progress. Please give your support!

by VargasNi

Hey guys, long time without an update, sorry about that, but I’m here to talk to you about an awesome project were your help is needed and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it as much I do!

The project is call Imaginoterapia, a book of artwork created by the team of INARI Magazine and a group of 41 artists of our national scene, to help Juegaterapia association. It is more than a book of illustrations: is illusion, eager to help and, above all, to draw a smile.

Under the theme of fantasy, our 41 artists have given the best of themselves in the beautiful illustrations that make this book, in which they and the team INARI magazine, w

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Hier, troisième jour de tournage pour 24h01 et les nouvelles sont très bonnes. Nous sommes ravis du rendu final et le dérushage de chaque journée apporte sont lot de bonnes surprises. 
C’est un réel plaisir de tourner avec de tels acteurs naturels, frais et aussi conciliants, sans oublier l’équipe qui est toute autant dévouée au film pour en tirer le meilleur ! 

Nous avons hâtes de partager tout cela avec vous, alors pour ce soir, voici une capture d’un des plans que vous pourrez retrouver dans le film  

Belle soirée à vous tous et merci de nous avoir permis de vivre cette belle aventure

Quando foi convidada a participar do Desordem, Katherine nos trouxe sem demora alguma dez contos inspirados por uma personalidade certamente enérgica (não é à toa que seu sobrenome significa “faísca”), mas ao mesmo tempo de um grande poder de coerência. De fato, por vias às vezes inusitadas, ela acaba por construir quase sempre um caminho na mesma direção, se aproximando com elementos surpreendentes da relação mais íntima e fundamental que pode existir entre seres humanos (…) para, a partir dos obstáculos que a vida lhe impõe, fazer saltar toda a estranheza da alteridade, toda a falta de sentido que há em viver com o outro e para o outro.

Tais obstáculos podem tomar a forma de uma memória malresolvida, de uma necessidade interna que não se entende muito bem, de uma inconveniência social – não importa. Quando se intrometem na intimidade da relação humana, eles arrastam a lógica para os cantos do cômodo e revelam as tortuosidades mais exóticas da vida.

(…) Quanto mais banais nos parecem as situações em que despertam seus personagens, mais surpreendentes se revelam as descobertas contra as quais lhes empurra a alteridade.

—  Breno Barreto, no blog da Bookstorming.
5 Tipos de CrowdFunding para Emprendedores

5 Tipos de CrowdFunding para Emprendedores

Hace unos días abordamos las clásicas preguntas acerca de CrowFunding. ¿Por qué no repasamos los distintos modelos existentes de este fenómeno y comenzamos a manejar cada vez más información que nos ayude a optar por uno u otro modelo?. La información es poder y también guía para la toma de decisiones.

A pesar de que muchas personas piensan que el término CrowdFunding es universal, en realidad…

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