Okay, so before I get started, I shall introduce myself: I’m Jessica, a Spanish artist, and being a cartoonist has been my dream since I was 5. This might not sound special but my life as an artist hasn’t been the best: I live in a country where my talents aren’t acknowledged and, to make it worse, my parents spent the whole year of 2014 trying to force me to quit trying to become a professional cartoonist.

My life was literally saved when this starting American company, Vanishing City Games, decided to hire me. My boss, John, is a widower and caring, gentle person who is just trying to make his deceased wife’s wish come true by making his company successful! Thus, we’re working on our first project, a card game called Puppy Dogs from Space! More info about the game can be found on our website and the Kickstarter page! Thought you would enjoy it because come on, who doesn’t love puppies?!

What I’m asking you is to help us launch our project by pledging or reblogging this post! Please, this is so important to me, you can’t imagine: my parents have faith in me again and, if this is successful, I’ll be able to move to a better country and help all my loved ones (my significant other is being hit by depression and we can’t afford anything at the moment)!

Basic goal is $10,000 and desired goal is $50,000

Deadline is on May 21st.

Basically, my future as an artist depends on this project. Please, help a fellow artist and spread this as much as you can! If you donate, tell me and I’ll draw something for you, even if it’s something quick (this is my art blog, in case you’re interested)! The rewards themselves are pretty cool, too!


THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

A few days left - support the Pokémon musical while you still can!

The crowfunding campaign is about to close and we still are a few hundred euros short from the goal! Uh-oh!

If you have even 1 euro, donate it to a good cause instead of buying that chocolate bar. A lot of people donating 1 euro each will make a lot ot euros. About 30 enthusiastic musical-makers and probably hundreds (or thousands?) watchers will thank you for that.

SUPPORT HAÏKU, 1975 in Indiegogo.




Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Haïku, 1975 is a 20 minutes short film which uses the excuse of the appearance in the present of a man who died several decades ago, to treat the topic of the language and of the different expressions of this one for create a thought.

These diverse languages will be the own audio visual , the language of acting, the language of the music, that of poetry, that of the HaÏku, that of the nature and that of plastic arts, across the painting.

The language of the music will appear with Juan Mari Beltran’s music and one Bach’s study.

The poetry will be of Tomas Tranströmer. The haiku in question is of Kawabata Bosha.

CLICK HERE Support HAÏKU, 1975 :

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#Repost @visiterlafrique | Rethinking the image of Africa is a hard work in our world but with you, with all your stories, pictures and comments , everything is Simple. Learn how in 8 days by being involve in our #Crowfunding Campaign.

Donner une nouvelle image de l'Afrique est un travail difficile dans notre monde mais avec vous, vos histoires, vos photographies et commentaires tout devient plus simple. Découvrez comment dans 8 jours en vous impliquant dans notre campagne de Crowdfunding. #Visiterlafrique #Travel #Voyage #Afrique #Africa

L'incroyable hommage de Guillaume Gasquet à sa grand-mère.

L’incroyable hommage de Guillaume Gasquet à sa grand-mère.

Si vous deviez rendre hommage à votre grand-mère, que feriez vous ? Un montage photo ? Un beau discours élogieux ? Une chanson ? Tout est possible en fait. Mais Guillaume Gasquet, ancien Directeur Artistique dans la publicité, a trouvé une façon un peu plus originale pour rendre hommage à sa grand-mère. Guillaume Gasqueta décidé de lui dédié un livre culinaire. Et pas n’importe lequel : LE livre…

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Meet Derek, the #bubble blower of #Durham, and Original #Journal signer. He was blowing bubbles in #TobaccoWarehouseDistrict with his amazing bubble wand. Quite a contraption. Fun day filming with Jahmoul, vidrographer who is filming #crowfunding video. Can’t wait to share it with you have n a couple months.

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Hola hermosos. Estamos arrancando una campaña para recaudar dinero en nuestro tour por USA. Los recompensas por su colaboración son descargas digitales en calidad WAV de los 3 discos de Dead Berlin.

Hi beauties, we are starting a crowfunding campaing for our US Tour this spring. Rewards are high quality digital downloads of Dead Berlin music.

Muchas gracias!

Crowfunding 2GM Tactics

Lucharemos hasta el final…Lucharemos en los mares y en los océanos, lucharemos cada vez con mas firmeza y mas fuerza en el aire, defenderemos nuestra isla, cueste lo que cueste, lucharemos en las playas, en el campo y en las calles, lucharemos en las colinas, no nos rendiremos jamás. – Winston Churchill

En 2GM Tactics podrás luchar y volver a luchar una y otra vez.Podrás luchar en escenarios…

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Revista Merca2.0

Internacional.- Los servicios de crowdfunding han sido clave en el nacimiento de nuevas empresas y el cumplimiento de sueños personales, pero también desmuestran que la internet es un lugar extraño. El año pasado alguien recaudó 55 mil dólares para hacer una ensalada, ahora alguien hizo un proyecto muy gracioso e inteligente, aunque inútil.

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El crowfunding es una buena alternativa para quienes necesitan recaudar fondos para iniciar un proyecto de negocios o simplemente cumplir algún sueño. Consiste en explicar de qué se trata y esperar que la idea conecte con los demás usuarios para que donen dinero y ofrecerles algo a cambio.

En una de las ideas más disparatadas y creativas sobre el tema, de acuerdo con Agency Spy, un copywriter de nombre Martin Baker registró un proyecto para recaudar 2 mil millones de dólares y comprar Kickstarter. ¿Dónde lo hizo? En Indiegogo.

La página donde Baker explica su sueño de ser el dueño de Kickstarter no tiene desperdicio. Señala que siempre ha querido “ser el propietario del servicio de crowdfunding más exitoso y para lograrlo usará uno menos exitoso”.

Obviamente se trata de un chiste pero nos recuerda lo extraño que puede ser el sistema de recaudación de dinero, le está dando promoción al creativo y parece que hay personas que quieren ayudarlo: ya recaudó 143 dólares en menos de 24 horas.

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