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ComicsAlliance senior editor Janelle Assellin has wanted to start her own publishing company for a long time. When she finally decided to pull the trigger at the end of 2014, she had no real idea just how much work it would take, and to make matters more challenging, she decided to do a Kickstarter as well! With so many people out there who want to do similar things, Janelle has decided to explain how it all happened for her, and to share what she’s learned.


I think the biggest misconception about our IndieGoGo campaign is that you’re giving money with nothing in return. We have several perks for you to choose from ranging from $15 to $1000! Yes, people have donated without wanting a perk in return, but if you donate, you can choose what you’ll get in return.



Crowdsourced Air Monitors Could Help People Breathe Easier in Cities

by Michael Keller

People living in towns and cities across the U.S. generally rely on state and federal authorities to let them know when their community’s air quality is cause for concern.

Monitoring station coverage varies depending on what state you’re in. Even if a monitor is down the street from you, the number of pollutants it sniffs for might be very different from another unit acrosss town. One station might be monitoring for ozone and nitrogen oxides, while a distant one might be on the lookout for sulfur dioxide and tiny particulate matter. That isn’t a recipe to give a consistent or personally very useful assessment of the air you’re breathing.

And for many people, an air quality monitoring station isn’t nearby. The state of the air on individual blocks or in neighborhoods is often unknown. But what if the job could be shared, with sensitive government equipment remaining in a dispersed network across a city while interested citizens provide data between the stations?

A European project called Citi-Sense is looking to do just that. Their goal is to develop sensor-based networks that are crowdsourced by citizens who measure the environment and conditions in urban areas.

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In theory, anyone can contribute to Wikipedia articles and anyone can propose a new policy or rule. In reality, Wikipedia functions as a largely closed community, using procedural knowledge and a sort of passive-aggressive resistance to deter outsiders. Wikipedia’s professed egalitarianism means that status in the outside world, including deep subject expertise, counts for nothing. But an internal hierarchy still exists. Status comes from mastering Wikipedia’s ever-increasing rules, engaging in community debates, and earning a reputation as hardworking. Racking up sheer numbers of edits matters a great deal, and Jemielniak laments that “a thousand minor corrections help raise organizational standing more than creating a perfect one-thousand-word article does.”

Official policies tell editors to tolerate newcomers’ innocent mistakes (“Please do not bite the newcomers”), but active editors often reverse newbies’ contributions without explanation. “Activists have been at it five and 10 years and don’t tolerate little mistakes,” says Jensen, an editor since 2005. He recalls running a workshop in which a well-known expert on Montana history tried to add a paragraph to the site, only to see it immediately erased.

Editors distrust newcomers for a reason: bitter experience. “Trolls come,” Jemielniak tells me in an interview. “If you spend time reviewing recent changes, after an hour or two you will have a feeling that the world is composed mostly of primary school students and cranks.”…Eternal vigilance keeps the site’s contents from decaying.

But the us-against-them attitude threatens Wikipedia’s future, as existing editors drift away and aren’t replaced.

I’ve been on benefits for over a year now. Well, this time around anyway. I have basically spent most of my life battling mental illness. This time around was the worst it’s ever been, but as a result of many years of being mental, I have GCSEs and a job history consisting of a handful of name tag gigs that lasted a maximum of 6 months each, with massive gaps of unemployment in between. And considering how bad my mobility issues have gotten, there’s no way I can go back to standing all day at a cash register.

Now I’m at the best I’ve ever been. I feel motivated, and I’m ready to start living. There’s one major barrier to me getting my life where I want it, and that’s my lack of qualifications. I found a Pitman Training course to become a legal secretary. With that, I can get work in a legal environment, enabling me to start a CILEx course, eventually becoming an actual lawyer. I’m aiming to specialise in employment law and family law, so I can help the kinds of people who’ve been hurt by the end of legal aid. People like me.

However, the course is expensive. Over £300 per module expensive. It looks like I’ll need to do a minimum of three modules, at <14hrs a week so I don’t lose my benefits. On my restricted income, it’ll take me months to even save up for one module. I managed to save up £70 over several months and I’ve already had to dip into it and owe myself.

The government, despite it’s grandstanding about people like me being workshy spongers, will not fund the course, instead preferring to fund “cv skills” and other such nonsense through the Job Centre. The Princes Trust have no money, despite the Prince himself being minted. And the other charities that would be willing to help have all told me that they can’t because of Government funding cuts.

So yes, I’m crowd funding it. It’s my only option. My lovely boyfriend has offered to help out as best he can, but he’s not exactly swimming in cash either and as we’re both saving up for a deposit so we can live together and I can have something other than a one room dank pit, I’d rather not take his bonus and tax rebate from him.

So, if you’re willing to help me get into work either out of the kindness of your heart or because you’re the kind of person who hates tax money going to the unemployed or disabled, now’s your chance. Even £1 would help. So please consider helping out, or sharing this with your (hopefully minted) friends.


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Smartphones and Twitter Becoming Next-Generation Earthquake Detectors

When the ground starts shaking, seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

Earthquake prediction is still the stuff of science dreams, but wealthier regions of the globe like Japan, North America and Europe have invested in expensive systems that can alert citizens as soon as a temblor is detected. That leaves a huge swath of humanity living in quake-prone areas to realize that catastrophe is imminent only when buildings start shaking. But two different crowdsourcing projects are looking to sound the alarm a bit earlier. The efforts hint that the future of accurate earthquake detection will rely upon regular people, smartphones and the Internet as much as specialists and expensive technical equipment. 

In one, European scientists have developed a real-time detector by listening to Internet traffic. Their system can spot earthquakes from 30 seconds to two minutes after they happen and automatically alert people in the area. 

“In our system, people are the real-time seismometers,” said Rémy Bossu, the head of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center, during a recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “The Internet can be a digital nervous system for our planet.”

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A handful of family businesses with storefronts on West Florissant Avenue, or near police headquarters, have set up pages on, asking for donations to help replace lost inventory and to make repairs, especially necessary after the violent round of protests on Nov. 24 when officials said that police Officer Darren Wilson, who killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, wouldn’t be indicted. 

“During the rioting, the windows were smashed and a bomb was thrown into the store,” Jun Hee Lee, whose parents own Beauty World supply shop located just a few blocks away from the Ferguson Police Department, wrote on the store’s GoFundMe page.

Though the building didn’t catch fire, much of the store’s inventory was stolen and the rest of it was badly water-damaged.

Lee created the site on Nov. 26, and by Dec. 10 it had more than $12,000 pledged of its $20,000 goal.

The St. Louis Forward, which promotes sustainability in the metropolitan area, has listed 19 crowdfunding efforts created to help local business owners rebuild.

Once again crowdfunding illustrates how much we don’t need a centralized government collecting and divesting tax money.

Help a girl out!

You lovely tumblr-ers have helped each other (and me!) out in the past…I’m here to ask for some help one more time. 

My kids kick butt in math as long as they have fun tools to help them explain their thinking. And for some reason, dry erase boards spell fun to 8th graders. SO! I’ve got a donors choose project. If you donate by the 13th and use the promo code SPARK, donorschoose will match your donation, up to $100.

For donorschoose projects, it’s  pretty small. We need $243 to get 36 white boards, 36 colored markers and a big bottle of dry-erase cleaner. My project can be found here. If you can’t donate, please give me a signal boost- I owe my last project’s funding to tumblr getting the word out for me! Thanks!

sunray-sunray asked:

Hey, I've one of these problems with books - sometimes I'm bying novels at the first sight (when they look interesting)- so "The Book Thief" is on my shelf now and I'm not sure whether I should read it, because at a closer look it sounds very gloomy... Have you read it? If so, did you like it? :)

I think I’m actually the only other person on Tumblr who hasn’t read The Book Thief. But I’m sure there will be no shortage of commentary from followers. What do you guys think?

(If you have an opinion please REBLOG this post instead of sending me asks about it just because I’m sure there will be a lot for this particular book and my inbox is pretty full as is.)


I recently asked which children’s novels and stories should be operas.

Now I’m curious: which events and people from real history – untold history, past or modern – should be turned into an opera?  What pivotal things deserve their fair share of the limelight?

The aging mind

This happens more often than it used to, and I presume it will increase in frequency from this point forward as entropy does its thing. Maybe it happens to you, too:

I’m searching for a word, and a word that’s definitely the wrong word jumps into the front of my consciousness in such a glaring, unignorable way that any chance of finding the right word is henceforth doomed. This stage-hogging wrong word is usually close to the right one in some aspect, either phonetic or in meaning, but it’s not right, and the higher level of my brain that is responsible for searching the lower word-storage levels has no chance.

At the moment, it’s “inchoate” that is chewing the scenery in front of “rage.” But it’s not right; it means incipient or forming or beginning, and this rage (let me tell you) is a grown-ass man who knows his place in the world and gives no fucks.(Maybe that rage, itself, is clouding various other brainial functions.)

You guys are word people. Let’s crowdsource! Brain says “inchoate rage” but the adjective I’m going for there is something closer to the set that includes blind, violent, unquenchable, destructive, and unfocused. What’s a word kinda like “inchoate” in some (etymological or phonetic) vector that fits that bill?

Hi all!

So, I’m having a Kickstarter-esque preorder to raise funds to make my next zine // book! It’s about my dear sweet cat Georgia who died last February. There are a few different bundles you can order, and the book will be cheaper now than when it actually comes out, which will be late April // early May. Here are some specs about the book:

:: ~14,000 words
:: ~90 pages
:: ~5.25” x 4”
:: illustrated by the awesome Mellen (although the image on the cover now is just a placeholder that I drew, hers are to come!)
:: Printed in my home studio on 28lb. paper
:: Bound with staples and red binder’s tape

Click the picture or click HERE to preorder now!