This is a FundMe page for my younger sister, Scout. She’s an amazing, smart, funny, brave girl that is quite frankly wise beyond her years. Unfortunately, she’s been in the hospital and is soon going to undergo chemotherapy treatments. Her doctors are fairly certain it’s Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a bone cancer. No child should have to go through this, but she’s retaining her sense of humor and staying positive through everything.

The page itself is only asking for $5,000. If you would please consider donating, my family would be eternally grateful. The minimum donation is $1.

Every dollar count towards her recovery. Even if you can’t donate, please keep her in your thoughts, or reblog this so that other people who can donate may see. I really want to help out in some way, and sharing this link is about my only option. Thank you.



First of many to come.

Remember that time a sassy redhead pushed you out of the way of that taxi? Yeah. That was us.

Shirt reads “God’s not watching you, but we are,” and includes the fancy dancy Peacekeepers logo. And the url on the back! Oh man.

Help a Friend Leave an Abuser

A friend and her 5-year-old daughter are leaving an abusive relationship and need to relocate from Virginia to Missouri so they can be close to their family again. Our friend has been dependent on her husband since they left Missouri and doesn’t have the financial resources to move herself and her belongings..

In the middle of a trip to France to meet his family, things got really bad and they left. They have return tickets, but will need some financial help moving away from the house they shared with the abuser. Please help if you can:


Polymer Filter Quickly Makes Water Safe To Drink


by Michael Keller

It’s a thirsty world out there. But with much of the globe’s drinking supply unimproved by treatment systems that can remove animal waste, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals, a clean sip of water is too often a luxury. 

Many researchers and inventors are looking for cheaper and faster ways to get clean drinking water to people who lack it. On the industrial scale, people are refining filtration membranes by using advanced materials like graphene to make more efficient potable water supplies. Others are using architecture to make rain-harvesting buildings. For individuals, one designer has made a solar power distiller to turn saltwater fresh. These are just a few examples of a lot of brainpower going in to help around 780 million people who have limited access to clean water.

Now a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) team says they have developed a novel personal filtration tool that will contribute to the solution. Using a three-stage system that includes an advanced polymer membrane, they say the device, called DrinkPure, works so quickly that it can filter up to a liter of water a minute.

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Our first “Hiatus Video”  (yup, we plan on releasing a new video twice a week during hiatus)

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“The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy” is a modern transmedia digital series adapted from J.M. Barrie’s novel “Peter and Wendy.”
Created by Kyle Walters and Shawn deLoache

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The police killing of an unarmed black teenager set off intense protests in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb. Help journalists on the ground tell the story, long after the mainstream media is gone.

In case you need an antidote from the mainstream media coverage, the startup Beacon is crowdfunding journalists in Ferguson right now. Thus far, they’ve raised more than $3,600, and some of their citizen journalists have shown up on TV to talk about their coverage. More info on how it works over this way.



Today’s update is a GIF set showing off what the new beta will look like, featuring a dynamic camera, flashy lighting system, new HUD and tons of action! The new beta will be released in roughly 3 days (unless something horrible happens), and will also include experimental local multiplayer!

Also, Cavern Kings is doing extremely well on Steam Greenlight! Apparently a new Greenlight batch is approaching and we could use all the votes we can get. Consider telling your buddies about us so we can all play multiplayer together! Keep voting!


The Eisner-Nominated Watson And Holmes Vol. 2 Kickstarter is here! 

WATSON AND HOLMES, conceived by New Paradigm Studio heads BRANDON PERLOW and PAUL MENDOZA, is a re-envisioning of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as African Americans living in New York City’s famous Harlem district. Watson, an Afghanistan war vet, works in an inner-city clinic; Holmes, meanwhile, is a local P.I. who takes unusual cases. 

Check out the newly launched Kickstarter HERE.


Neverlandians, friends of Neverlandians, and future friends of Neverlandians!  We have a big weekend ahead of us!  There will be a really fun announcement (or more!) as we move into the home stretch of our season 2 crowdfunding campaign!

But first, Jim Beaver (our George Darling) wanted to say hello.

Civilians in Abandoned McDonald’s Seize Control of Wandering Space Satellite

For the first time in history, an independent crew is taking control of a NASA satellite and running a crowdfunded mission. They’re doing it all from a makeshift mission control center in an abandoned McDonald’s in Mountain View, CA, using old radio parts from eBay and a salvaged flat screen TV.

“If I could come up with another absurd detail, I would,” Keith Cowing, the project’s team lead, told Betabeat.

The ISEE-3 is a disco-era satellite that used to measure space weather like solar wind and radiation, but went out of commission decades ago. Now, a small team led by Mr. Cowing have taken control of the satellite with NASA’s silent blessing.

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Cavern Kings is on its LAST 7 DAYS on Kickstarter! There’s still a final stretch goal to be met, and a new beta was JUST released!

Check out the KICKSTARTER!

Cavern Kings is an infinite action platformer designed to make every playthrough unique and interesting, set to release on PC, Mac, Linux and Vita.

Inspired by action-packed games like Vlambeer’s “Super Crate Box” and the increasing difficulty aspects in “Risk of Rain”, Cavern Kings aims to explode with special effects in classical arcade fashion and create interesting synergies with its powerup system.

We’re down to the final days, and every reblog/retweet/rethingy is hugely appreciated. If you want to see us succeed but can’t pledge, consider voting for us on GREENLIGHT! <3

Standalone Smartwatch, Neptune Pine, Now Shipping to Backers

Smartwatches are all the rage today but one of the complaints of this wrist-worn wearable is that it relies too much on your smartphone. Neptune Computer’s Pine is here to solve that. Like the Omate watch before it, the Pine is a standalone smartwatch which means that it can function fully without being dependent on a bluetooth connection to a smartphone in your pocket. Neptune smashed its Kickstarter goal back in December of last year and is now starting to ship to backers. 

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