It’s quite possible that I’ll be the only one laughing my ass off over these, but I don’t really care. I’ve been giggling almost the whole time I’ve made them, so I consider it time well spent. ^^

If anyone feels the need now to check out the original theme song, it can be found here. Anybody want to write that crossover for me now…? ;D

So on the way home from a tabletop roleplaying session, my husband, our 15-year-old daughter and I somehow got onto the topic of which Winnie-the-Pooh characters to cast as the Star Trek crew (“Captain, dear, we’re being hailed!"  "Oh…..” (long dramatic pause)  “…..BOTHER!!!!!!!!”)

And then my daughter started to sort of whimper and said, “I just remembered Rule 34 and Rule 35.  If we thought of it, someone else could!  I don’t want there to be Winnie the Pooh Star Trek porn, Mom!”

I still can’t decide if we’re the worst parents ever or if we deserve some kind of prize…

anonymous asked:

Ok, so I wanted to ask you something that's been bothering me for a while now. In OTGW, Greg is 7-8 years old, and Wirt is apparently in high school. But in CFH, Greg seems much more closer in age to Wirt, and the twins are already 12. So does that mean he had Dipper and Mabel with Bonnie when he was really young? How old does that make him now? And what about Wirt? Sorry if this question is annoying, I just wanted to get it off my chest.

Under the cut is my answer since it may get a bit long XP Continue to keep in mind that the answers are only my opinion, the way I write them into my stories, so they always vary from one person to the other ;)

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apocalypserevolution asked:

I'm a little bit confused: if Greg from OTGW is Dipper and Mabel's father, who's the Stan-looking younger guy in flannel shirt kissing a woman that resembles the twins? I absolutely love your drawings btw Congrats! :-)

That’s Greg XD It was Ky-Jane‘s idea to have Greg’s outfit change to flannel. Greg is Stanley’s son in the crossover, which is why he resembles his father. (Also, the timelines for the OTGW–somewhere in the 90s– and GF–summer 2012–shows do not flow the same way in the crossover, meaning that the OTGW story took place long before the twins were born. Hopefully that helps! My words get mixed up sometimes^^;)

And thank you! 8DDD

kimberlybrownnygeverlastingepicn asked:

is the pines family including wirt,beatrice and ferb in the CFH thingy is kinda like a badass family/team while they go monster hunting/solving some mysteries and fighting off evil oddities i mean seriously it will be more interesting and awesome if they more like that if so what are their abilities while dealing with evil oddities which of course those things are more like bill cipher and the beast's loyal deadly minions

^^; Thanks but I don’t want to give them superpowers. Besides Wirt having the Beast in him or Dipper having a connection to Bill, I don’t like writing the characters with superpowers unless it’s in their dreams/nightmares. I mean, in my original stories and perhaps other fandoms, I’ve done it, but I kind of like the idea of a family tied in with the supernatural only having their minds, hearts, and each other’s support, to figure things out. (Again, this is just my take on the whole crossover, so the answer could vary with any other person who helped put the idea together^^)

As for monster hunting, they do that on occasion, at Dipper and Mabel’s delight, of course (though it’s more like mystery solving than anything) ;)

merelsara asked:

Is there any story in your crossover from hell on how Bonnie and Greg met?

Like with Velma and Shaggy’s divorce, it’s not an important point in my stories for the crossover, so I never dwell on it. In a story I wrote for the brothers (that I have yet to decide whether to post or not XD) when Wirt came back from university, Greg mentions that he met a girl through a friend when they were hanging out at a fair or a party, and that they instantly connected. While I like special meetings for special pairings, I also find a nice charm in the simple ways and places two people meet. Their beginning does not need to be a fantastic start to make their relationship last forever ;)