Jarida Week Day 2: Break-Up

The Guardians found out about Jack’s relationship with Merida and made him break it up or else Merida would suffer eternally, for she will never truly be with him because of Jack’s immortality and guardianship.

Jack masked the break-up with the excuse that they have been fighting for weeks, either way Merida was torn, for Jack had to prove his point by breaking the magical ice bow he had crafted for her, severing all ties.

The lone Winter Spirit was to watch over his beloved Princess from afar for the rest of her days, wishing they will be reunited in another life.

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Five Nights At Freddy’s + Steven Universe crossover


Say hi to your evil, and kind of insane, Homeworld Gem that’s come to earth to reactivate one of the Kindergartens. 

Unfortunately Corundum doesn’t make big entrances, so it’s not after a while that the Guard Gems come to realize that he’s on earth, and what he’s been doing. 

More about the story to come uwu 

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